CANTON — Dozens of people gathered on a hot day for a miniature scoop of free ice cream.

They headed to Stewart’s Shop at 115 E. Main St. at lunchtime Monday for samples of SLU-Ha-Ha, a coffee-flavored ice cream with chocolate flakes that recognizes nearby St. Lawrence University.

The mood was festive as people lined up in the store and then congregated outside with tiny cones.

Cell phones in hand, people posed for photos with the company’s mascots, a cow and a chicken. Free SLU magnets were also available.

“I’m all about the chocolate part,” said Suzanne Noble, a SLU employee. “I’m excited to be part of the introduction.”

A van filled with students who attend SLU’s Higher Education Opportunity program joined in the celebration. Several SLU employees were also there.

Martas Johnson, a HEOP student from Brooklyn who starts his freshman year at SLU next month decided to have a milkshake made with SLU-Ha-Ha ice cream. He will be studying business and economics.

“It’s perfect,” he said, sipping from a straw. “I don’t drink coffee. It has to be in ice cream form.”

Kelly Daphness, a HEOP student from Evans Mills, said students just finished their summer HEOP program before heading to the event.

“It was a fun way to end our summer here. It was really refreshing,” she said.

The company’s president, Gary Dake is a 1982 SLU alumnus who supported the idea of temporarily renaming its Brew-Ha-Ha ice cream to honor the university.

He said he was contacted by Joseph Keniston, the university’s director of Laurentian Engagement, last year after Stewart’s renamed one of its ice cream flavors in recognition of Siena College.

Both institutions held student contests on campus to identify the new name. The name SLU-Ha-Ha was chosen by Brandon Calton, 21, of Canton, who will be starting his senior year.

As a prize, he received a Stewart’s gift certificate, and Stewarts-themed items, including a Tshirt.

Mr. Keniston said the SLU plans to feature the ice cream at this year’s fall homecoming festivities.

The St. Lawrence-themed flavor will be available at the Canton and Potsdam Stewart’s Shops through the end of October. SLU-Ha-Ha features Stewart’s Shop richer roast coffee ice cream with espresso bean flavored chocolate flakes.

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