CHATEAUGAY — The talks are continuing in Chateaugay about possibly installing an electric car charging station in the community.

At a Town Board meeting Monday night, Supervisor Don Bilow says there are three different types of charging stations the town could go with, but no decision has yet been made.

“There is a 110 volt that is like just plugging into your outlet, then there is a 220 that is quite a bit faster and then there is a Tesla,” Bilow said.

The Tesla charger, made by the manufacturer of electric vehicles, is rated as the fastest charger, but it can charge only some — not all — electric vehicles made by other auto companies.

Chateaugay board members say they first started looking into the idea of installing a charging station after Franklin County installed two at the county courthouse.

The first electric car charging station was installed on Oct. 1, between the courthouse and the main parking lot, near the first floor entrance. It requires the electric cars being charged to be parked in one of two nearby parking spaces near the pole that holds the station.

The Legislature subsequently approved a second electric car charging station that will draw power from a utility pole on Amsden Street.

The town of Malone has also installed a charging station adjacent to the farmers market pavilion near the town offices on Airport Road.

The interest in charging stations available to the public comes in the wake of a shift in the global automobile market. Most major auto manufacturers now offer some form of plug-in hybrid or all-electric car.

Volvo, for instance, announced in 2017 that all its new vehicles will be either hybrids or strictly battery-powered as of 2019; the company cited the growing consumer interest in electric cars as a factor in its strategy.

However, installing a charger does not come cheap.

“I figure it would cost anywhere between $8,000 and $10,000 and they have got to have a way for people to put their credit card in to get the electricity,” Bilow said.

The Town Board is considering applying for grant money but nothing has been decided yet.

“We want to get the most money out of it as possible,” Bilow said.

The next Town Board meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 16.

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