WILLIAMSVILLE — Right now the world would be glued to their television sets cheering on team USA to victory in the Summer Olympics, but with COVID prevalent in every corner of the community, society is craving something to get excited about, including Tops team members. So associates got creative and devised some healthy competition and created their own 2020 Summer “Sell-E-Bration” Competition. Over the course of eight weeks, associates across Tops’ three state imprint are challenging one another to a produce themed competition to see will who will bring home the gold.

“With the Summer Olympics cancelled we felt this was a great opportunity to encourage a little healthy competition among our store teams,” said Jeff Cady, director, produce/floral for TOPS. “During the summer months we know that consumers naturally gravitate toward purchasing fruits and vegetables but we wanted to challenge our associates to bring something new to the table. This challenge encourages our associates to remind the community of the importance of getting their five recommended daily servings in a fun and engaging way.”

Over the course of the Tops Summer Celebration Competition store teams will compete in categories such as The Soft Fruit Soiree, Cherry Jubilee, Cut Fruit Conga, Watermelon Wingding, Pepper Party, Avocados from Mexico Fiesta, Grape Gala, and Berry Bash. Teams will earn points for creativity of their produce displays as well as their ability to increase consumer awareness about the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables.

The engagement has been well received by customers and associates alike with great entries coming from all Tops location including the many winners from week number one-Soft Fruit Soiree. The Tops in Hannibal placed second in the first week of competition with the store in New Henrieta placing first and the store in Bath placing second.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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