WATERTOWN — A Watertown native’s effort to grow his e-commerce logistics company prompted him to relocate it to his hometown in the Jefferson County Corporate Park.

Monthly Boxer, which provides warehousing, packing, promotion and other services to internet retailers, ships about 20,000 products a month for its affiliates and its clients, but owner Alex Morgia, Sackets Harbor, said he wants to grow his client base and product shipments. After facing difficulties trying to lease more space from the landlord of his previous 10,000-square-foot facility in East Syracuse, Mr. Morgia said he decided to seek a new, larger home for Monthly Boxer.

The entrepreneur closed on his purchase of the corporate park facility from Timeless Frames on Tuesday, although he began operations in it about a month ago. When he relocated to Watertown, Mr. Morgia said he struggled less finding hard workers to employ, which he attributed to his local connections and a small-town atmosphere where reputations can spread easier. Monthly Boxer has about 20 full-time and part-time workers.

“Honestly, the transition was very good,” Mr. Morgia said. “We just hit the ground running.”

Zachary Fuentes Lamb, provisional warehouse manager for Monthly Boxer, moved with the company when others had not. In addition to liking Mr. Morgia, Mr. Fuentes Lamb said he felt Monthly Boxer provided him more opportunities for professional growth, adding that he was already a manager at the age of 21.

“I feel that it’s better (in Watertown) because things are a lot more competitive in Syracuse,” for recruiting workers, Mr. Fuentes-Lamb said, “and there are a lot more job opportunities (in Syracuse).”

Monthly Boxer serves clients with a variety of products, including Kindergarten Crate, a box of the month subscription service with activity supplies for young students; Power Toothpaste, or caffinated toothpaste, Fuego Box, a hot sauce of the month subscription service, and Prank Candles, an online retailer that sells sweet-to-smelly trick candles.

Mr. Morgia said he also owns his own e-commerce companies, which he manages in Watertown alongside Monthly Boxer, including Nurse Luxe, a box of the month subscription service with fun goods and supplies for nurses, and Donald Trump Dog Poop Bags, poop bag dispensers and chew toys. While he works with a variety of internet companies, Mr. Morgia said he “has a bias towards silliness.”

“Our core business has always been supporting e-commerce businesses,” he said. “Our clients, once they begin working with us, they get better treatment over time.”

The new Watertown home for Monthly Boxer, owned by McGrann Paper Co. before Timeless Fames bought it, is about 80,000 square feet, but Mr. Morgia only uses about 15,000 for his operations.

He has leased about 32,000 square feet of space back to Timeless Frames for three years, and hopes to lease the rest, including 8,000 square feet of office space.

The space Monthly Boxer uses still represents a 50 percent growth from its previous Syracuse facility, which Mr. Morgia said provides enough room to grow his business over the next few years.

The local entrepreneur said he wants to create an incubator for people to develop their own e-commerce companies. He also hopes grow his own portfolio of internet retail enterprises in addition Monthly Boxer’s clientele, he said.

“I think that’s something the whole team wants to get into more,” he said.

Alex Morgia, Sackets Harbor, owner of Monthly Boxer, which provides warehousing, packing, promotion and other services to internet retailers, ships about 20,000 products a month for its affiliates and its clients.

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