Applications sought for Hometown Heroes banners

Ogdensburg resident Kelly Amo holds a Hometown Heroes banner of her uncle, Richard Reed Sr. Photo provided by the Ogdensburg Pride & Beautification Commission

OGDENSBURG — The City of Ogdensburg will once again be honoring their veterans, past and present, with Hometown Heroes banners next year thanks to the Ogdensburg Pride & Beautification Commission.

The initiative, began in 2019 by the commission, has 30 X 60-inch vinyl banners installed on utility poles along Ford Street to commemorate those who have served or are still serving in the military. The banners will be up from Memorial Day through the fall.

Pride & Beautification Commission member Mary Ann Narenkivicius said that they are moving up the application and deadline process after concern about supply chain shortages affecting the timeliness of the production and delivery of the banners.

Applications must be submitted by Dec. 15. The cost of each banner is $175. After the banners are up for the year, they will be given to the families to keep.

Applications for the banners are in a folder in her mailbox at 634 State St. You can call her at (315) 322-2700 if you have any questions.

In order for a veteran to be approved for a banner by the commission, they are required to have been a resident of Ogdensburg or graduated from either Ogdensburg Free Academy or St. Mary’s Academy, regardless of their current residency. The veteran can be active duty or a veteran of any United States military branch.

For the first two years, the same batch of 25 honored veterans were put up by the Ogdensburg Department of Public Works (DPW). Narenkivicius said that the initiative was so popular with so much interest that they couldn’t offer it for two years again.

In 2021, the number of banners jumped to 45, according to Narenkivicius, and they were installed on both sides of Ford Street and Ford Street Extension. It’s popularity is due to current and past residents wanting to honor their family members who served their country.

“They are feeling quite patriotic and they would like to thank a relative of theirs who honored their country,” said Narenkivicius, adding “They know what they gave and they want to honor them.”

Narenkivicius said that they may have reached the limit of banners that could be installed on Ford Street, so future numbers will most likely be limited to 45. Other streets were looked at but Ford Street will remain as the lone street decorated with the banners for now.

“Everyone wants to be on Ford Street. There just aren’t enough poles to put more banners up,” she said.

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