SUBMITTED PHOTO From left, Karla Stefanini, president, Heather A. Freeman Foundation; Lynn Pietroski, vice-president, Heather A. Freeman Foundation; and Max DelSignore, assistant director, Northern New York Community Foundation.

WATERTOWN — The Northern New York Community Foundation has a new partnership with the Heather A. Freeman Foundation as an affiliate charitable foundation.

The Heather A. Freeman Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the values that make a difference in local communities. Established in January 2008, following the sudden death of Mrs. Freeman due to a motorcycle accident on August 19, 2007, the foundation is aimed at encompassing Mrs. Freeman’s kindness, empathy and understanding of others.

The foundation creates public service campaigns that model the benefits of a life lived by positive values, with hopes to inspire people to make the values a part of their own lives.

Rande Richardson, executive director of the Northern New York Community Foundation, stated in a news release the Heather A. Freeman Foundation’s board members were seeking to leverage additional resources and expertise.

“We feel incredibly humbled and honored to partner in this next chapter of Heather’s legacy continuing to make our community a better place,” Mr. Richardson stated. “Through this collaboration together, we build upon all that has been done and can reach even higher, while providing a permanent home for their work and mission.”

Lynn Pietroski, board vice president of the Heather A. Freeman Foundation, stated the partnership will make them stronger than before.

“A partnership like this makes our effort completely sustainable,” stated Board Vice President Lynn Pietroski. “This will be the next best thing for the [Heather A. Freeman Foundation] and take it to a level we couldn’t do alone.”

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Health, nonprofit and education reporter for the Watertown Daily Times.

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