OSWEGO COUNTY – The Oswego County Fire Coordinator’s Office partners with the Oswego County Fire Chiefs’ Association, Oswego County Firefighters’ Association, and fire departments from across the county to promote fire prevention and safety programs.

“Stay Low in Smoke,” “Get Out, Stay Out,” “Have Two Ways Out,” and “Have Working Smoke Detectors” are just a few of the important messages spread to people of all ages at a variety of events. One of the best tools used in this mission is the county fire safety trailer.

“The trailer is close to 30 years old now and needed some updates,” said Oswego County Fire Coordinator Don Forbes. “Bob Loomis, one of our deputy fire coordinators, and Ken Bogart, coordinator for the Fire Related Youth (FRY) Program, were looking into funding for the project and approached Exelon Generation. The company is a natural first choice because of its help in providing much needed supplies, such as kids’ fire hats, coloring books, stickers, rulers and more, for our fire safety programs.”

The Oswego County Fire Coordinator’s Office has a long-standing partnership with the Nine Mile Point (NMP) and James A. FitzPatrick (JAF) power plants which are now owned by Exelon Generation. The fire safety trailer itself was donated by the JAF Power Plant nearly three decades ago.

Forbes said, “Exelon Generation’s grant committee was more than willing to help with funding for the upgrades, which have just recently been completed. They include a new graphics package, which looks great, as well as new interior cameras, a monitor and a new smoke machine. These upgrades bring a whole new look to the trailer and allow instructors and parents standing outside the trailer to view the demonstrations going on inside.”

The county fire safety trailer makes several appearances throughout the year at various sites and events around the county. These include the Granby Center Fire Department, Hannibal Safety Day, Oswego City Fire Department Safety Days, the Oswego County Fair, Oswego County Sheriff’s Safety Day, the Palermo Fire Department, West Monroe Fire Department open house, and most recently, Oswego’s Harborfest.

It is staffed by volunteers from the Oswego County Fire Coordinator’s Office, Oswego County Fire Chiefs’ Association, Oswego County Firefighters’ Association, and fire departments from across the county. Oswego County Deputy Coordinator Bob Loomis from Palermo Fire Department and FRY Program Coordinator Ken Bogart from New Haven Fire Department conduct many of these sessions and coordinate the county’s fire safety program.

Forbes added, “I would like to give a special thank you to Exelon Generation and to those who helped make this project possible so that we can continue our mission of providing public fire prevention and safety programs in Oswego County. Tammy Holden, senior nuclear site communications specialist, Exelon Generation; Julie Gillard, lead emergency preparedness specialist, Exelon Generation; Heather Davis, corporate training director, Exelon Generation; Ken Bogart, coordinator for the Oswego County FRY Program and design drafter at the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant; Oswego County Deputy Fire Coordinator Bob Loomis; Oswego County Deputy Fire Coordinator Mike Monnat; Lenny Hartle, president of the Oswego County Fire Chiefs’ Association were all instrumental to the success of this project. Orleans County and Wayne Goppelt, graphic designer and owner of Wayne’s Designs & Signs in West Monroe helped with the exceptional graphics for the trailer.”

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