Fulton Block Builders is postponing a plant swap until 2021

FULTON — Linda Eagan, Fulton Block Builders (FBB) Director received a $1,500 donation from Zach Menter, President and CEO of Oswego County Ambulance Service; $1,000 from Mark Southwick, Fulton Huhtamaki Plant Manager; $1,000 from Fulton Lions Club; and another $1,500 from Cassandra Nelson, Funeral Director and General Manager at Foster Funeral Home.

“We are absolutely blown away by the community support for the Fulton Block Builder program. Every time we have set a goal the community has rallied and surpassed the target in flying colors. These very generous donations, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is another milestone we were not predicting. (FBB ceased active fundraising in March) Fulton is such a supportive, generous community, I am so proud to call it home” said Eagan.

Oswego County Ambulance Service, locally known as Menter Ambulance Service, is a private ambulance service whose main headquarters is in Fulton. Their service provides Advanced Life Support emergency ambulance transport, and non-emergent transportation. Menter said he’s been watching the changes brought about by the Block Builder program and made a commitment to continue Menter’s support.

“Huhtamaki recognizes that our communities strengthen when we work as a team. One of our core values is to treat our world with respect. That means caring about each other, the environment and the communities where we do business. FBB is a program Huhtamaki is proud to support. We are especially proud of the resident’s support and belief in their community and properties” said Southwick.

The Fulton Lions Club recently donated $1,000 to FBB, announced by David Guyer. “The Fulton Block Challenge neighborhood revitalization program is a critical step forward in reshaping our city and restoring pride, one block at a time,” Guyer said. “Fulton Lions is proud to be a supporter.”

“Foster Funeral Home has been watching the enthusiasm grow in the city and believes in trust, honesty and commitment to our community. We are a family owned operation committed to keeping all of our funeral homes locally operated. What that means in Fulton is that you will see all of the same staff and receive all of the same specialized care. Over the years, times may have changed but our commitment never has. We are caring professionals, you and your family, can rely on when needed the most” Nelson explained.

The Richard S. Shineman Foundation matched all fundraising $2-to-$1, making it possible for Fulton Block Builders to notify 204 property owners in 21 distinct blocks on May 7 of their 2020 awards.

“This is truly another milestone for the FBB and the entire community of Fulton” said Eagan. “In March FBB asked all groups to stop in-person meetings and to organize remotely. FBB extended the Final Application deadline by two weeks to help Blocks during this unprecedented time. This was a new challenge for those organizing but like so many other hurdles that have occurred, the community rose to the task and surpassed expectations. FBB received stellar applications and the community continues to support the FBB initiative.”

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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