Fulton Block Builders announce 2020 awards

Before COVID-19 a few blocks were able to gather. Seen here are block leaders Rebecca Craig and Sarah Ingerson. Their group name is Sunny Brook Meadows in tribute to the original builders of the Patrick Circle area in the ‘50s.

FULTON — Fulton Block Builders (FBB) notified 200 property owners in 21 distinct blocks on May 7 of their 2020 awards.

“This is truly another milestone for the FBB and the entire community of Fulton” said Linda Eagan, FBB Director. “In March FBB asked all groups to stop in-person meetings and to organize remotely. FBB extended the final application deadline by two weeks to help blocks during this unprecedented time. This was definitely a new challenge for those organizing but like so many other targets FBB has dealt with, the community rose to the task and surpassed expectations. FBB received stellar applications this year and the community continued to support the FBB initiative, as such we were able to fund 200 homes for 2020.”

Sunny Brook Meadows co-leader, Rebecca Craig said in her application “Becoming a block leader has meant more to me than just being a point person to answer questions and be sure paperwork is turned in. Being a block leader is a way for me to give back. I purchased my home five years ago and have found Sunny Brook Meadows to be a perfect area to raise my three boys. Thankfully, we have relationships with all age groups in our neighborhood, as well as our school and a pretty cool park! People are friendly and help each other all year through. We even have a Christmas caroling group that grows year over year. This year along with our individual projects we plan to erect a welcome to Sunny Brook Meadows sign in tribute to the two brothers that started our neighborhood.”

The Fulton Block Builder project is dedicated to revitalizing neighborhoods one block at a time. The core feature of this approach is to build on strengths rather than just fix weaknesses. Property owners working together in one block builds community and generates confidence. Pride is what comes through when mailboxes and house numbers shine, when lawns are mowed, snow is shoveled, and leaves are raked. Pride comes through in washed windows, fresh coats of paint, holiday lighting and landscaped yards. Pride is the name of the game. It is the essence of stability which in turn is the backbone of good schools, a strong tax base, a vibrant civic and cultural life, and a thriving downtown.

Now that the awards have been made for 2020, any block in the city can begin organizing for 2021. There are target zones but that is a starting point all blocks in the city can apply for a block grant and FBB ambassadors are ready to help. Call (315) 529-9181 to learn how or find more information at: https://www.fultonblockbuilders.com/ or on the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pg/fultonblockbuilders/posts/?ref=page_internal

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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