Fulton Block Builders now accepting applications for 2021 Block Challenge

Kimberly Rossiter’s 2020 block had successes with the block challenge.

FULTON — The Fulton Block Builders has announced details for the 2021 Block Challenge, a program that offers matching funds to each participating home owner (dollar-for-dollar match) to put towards exterior home improvements. The program encourages and rewards neighborhood groups to work together in an effort to reinvest in their own communities.

Block Challenge Grant pre-applications must be submitted by March 5. A pre-application does not commit anyone to the program, but is required in order to submit a final application.

City residents who would like to participate in a Block Challenge need to form a neighborhood cluster with a minimum of 50% of the property owners in their block. The group can include homeowners or landlords.

Once a cluster has formed, the pre-application process begins. The matching grant funding will cover expenses for exterior property improvements to groups of homeowners on a single block throughout the city of Fulton. Aside from matching grant funding, participating homeowners have access to discounts from sponsoring hardware stores and garden centers.

Visit the FBB webpage https://www.fultonblockbuilders.com/apply/and look for the new videos posted to explain the program.

Once submitted, the pre-application is reviewed, and applicants will work with their FBB ambassadors — FBB leaders who help neighborhoods through the process — to start the final application, which requires detailed plans and a joint socially distanced meeting with the neighbors and an FBB representative. Final applications are due April 15.

They are then reviewed by an independent review panel, and awarded blocks are announced by May 1.

Grant applications are competitive. Not all applications can be funded, and the number of awards made is dependent upon funding levels and the number and quality of applications.

The closer clusters are grouped and the larger the number of participants, the more viable the application becomes. Clusters that are geographically “linked” with other participating clusters in the area become even more program-worthy. And clusters that develop a strategic plan for their neighborhood’s continued revitalization in the future will be the most competitive

Pre-applications for the 2021 program can be found at: https://www.fultonblockbuilders.com/apply.

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