WATERTOWN — North country media representatives were invited to the Northern New York Philanthropy Center, 131 Washington St., Wednesday morning to learn more about this year’s -giveNNY campaign and how they could partner with it.

This year, the Northern New York Community Foundation has joined with the campaign as a sort of financial partner to help enhance the effort and expand its reach, pledging $10,000 to match donations to nonprofits in the tri-county area participating in the campaign.

“I think we as fundraisers for nonprofits realize we’re constantly asking for more and so I looked at this as a great opportunity for all of us nonprofits to come together for the betterment of the whole community, not just our individual organizations,” Nicole Paratore, donor relations manager for the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, said.

The third year of the campaign will kick off on Monday, Nov. 4, and end with a day of radio broadcasting on Tunes 92.5 FM on national -GivingTuesday, Dec. 3.

The -giveNNY campaign began in 2017 under the direction of Jennifer Hodge, Volunteer Transportation Center development director and corporate compliance officer, who wanted to unite nonprofits in a local day of giving on the national -GivingTuesday.

“I always say after you’ve eaten all the turkey you can eat on Thanksgiving, after you shopped till you dropped on Friday and spent the rest of your good, hard-earned money on Cyber Monday, now you’re left with, ‘OK, how am I going to give back to the community?’” she said. “This is a way to do that.”

Last year, 13 nonprofits serving residents of Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties participated in the campaign and were each awarded a share of the money raised.

According to Mrs. Hodge, the campaign did well its first year, breaking even. Last year, the campaign ended around the $5,000 mark.

“This year we have the Community Foundation joining us and helping us drive the project and there’s a $10,000 match, so we really have the ability with that dollar for dollar match to really maximize the amount of funds that we raise this year,” she said.

Basically, the campaign invites all the not-for-profits in the area to the table and while it can’t promise a ton of money, it does bring the promise of exposure for the organization and the hope of growth over the years.

According to Mrs. Hodge, the campaign doesn’t ask for a large monetary donation from them, but does expect that organizations will be out posting to their social media sites and helping to spread the word about the campaign.

“Once we know what that number of participating organizations is, we raise the money for that collective group and we distribute it evenly among those groups,” said Rande Richardson, executive director of the NNYCF. “With the Community Foundation piece there’s potentially $20,000 that could be distributed amongst however many charities want to opt in, and we could go over that.”

According to Mr. Richardson, the idea is to take the campaign a bit further each year to really encourage people to think about giving.

To this end, the NNYCF is trying to work to make it easier to give online, so there will be a central portal to the Community Foundation website where visitors can make donations online.

By Friday, the -giveNNY campaign will send invitations to nonprofit organizations across the region. Those who respond will be sent media kits with their expected requirements, like including logos on their social media sites, essentially becoming marketers for the effort.

Organizations must sign up to participate no later than Oct. 25.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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