Arbor Committee, Alcoa plant trees at Massena High School

Mike Bresett from Alcoa and Andrew McMahon of the Massena Village Arbor Committee plant a tree at Massena Central High School to build on landscaping that had been done by Alcoa earlier this year. Provided photo

MASSENA — The village Arbor Committee and Alcoa joined together to continue beautifying the Massena Central High School campus.

They planted a tree to build on landscaping that had been done by Alcoa earlier this year.

Four new maple trees were planted at the school last year to help beautify the campus, as well as provide shade and energy savings at the east end of the high school parking lot. That was another partnership between Alcoa and the Arbor Committee.

“Alcoa has been generous through the years in helping to improve the looks of the schools in our district. The trees and landscaping have made a difference in how the school looks and how we feel walking through the doors each morning,” high school Principal Alan C. Oliver said.

Andrew J. McMahon, a member of the Arbor Committee, said the partnerships allow them to continue their efforts.

“In addition to Alcoa’s ongoing support, the Arbor Committee received funds from the New York State Urban Forestry Council. We try to do as much as we can each year, and getting grants is a big part of it,” Mr. McMahon said.

He said that, because of COVID, this year’s trees were delivered later than normal.

“Fortunately, with the warm weather, we have been able to plant trees much later in the fall. We expect in the spring the trees will take and really make the front of the school look good,” he said.

Grant funding from Alcoa, as well as the St. Lawrence-Eastern Lake Ontario Partnership for Regional Invasive Species, or SLELO PRISM, allowed the Arbor Committee to recently plant eight trees at the corner of Maple and Main streets.

Those are among the many ongoing efforts between Alcoa, the Arbor Committee and other community organizations.

In years past, trees have been planted in various locations and, during presentations at local schools, students have received saplings to take home and plant.

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