WATERTOWN — Using her passion for art, a local Girl Scout is looking to bring patients of area hospitals the cure to potential boredom or feelings of loneliness and add some color to their days — one book at a time.

Hannah L. Trimper, 14, a student at General Brown, joined Girl Scout Troop 50302 in second grade, and chose to dedicate her Silver Award project to lifting the spirits of local hospital patients and providing some entertainment for their hospital stays.

Her project, The Coloring Cure, has printed more than 100 copies of coloring books by the same name, with 50 given in an initial donation to Samaritan Medical Center and more slated to be given to River Hospital.

“I really like art, and since the whole pandemic thing is happening, I figured it would probably help to do something also involving the medical field,” Hannah said of the project. “I think it’s good to provide entertainment, or at least distraction to patients who have either been there for a short time or a long time.”

To be considered for the prestigious Girl Scout Silver Award, a Girl Scout completes a project, puts in at least 50 hours and sends in a finished report for approval. Hannah is still waiting for approval to see whether she will receive the Silver Award for her project. She said she began coming up with a concept for the project in early October and submitted the final project on Dec. 31.

Hannah draws both traditionally and digitally and designed the 15-page coloring book digitally, with each page featuring a different illustration. The Coloring Cure project is looking to donate to other local hospitals as well as possibly expanding to nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the future, according to Hannah’s mother Kristy L. Trimper.

“Both her father and I are very impressed with the dedication to the project,” Mrs. Trimper said. “She’s put in a lot of time just developing the pages and drawing them to her satisfaction — we are very happy with the project that she chose and the outreach that she is looking to complete with it.”

In an effort to support local business, all printing for the coloring books has been done through Coughlin printing group in Watertown. In addition to printing the books, it also donated all the paper for the books, which allowed a discounted price for the project. With people hearing of the project and reaching out to see how they can donate or purchase books, the project’s Facebook page, The Coloring Cure, will soon have information for people to do just that. The page has received a lot of positive feedback, according to Hannah.

According to Mrs. Trimper, the project has had some people reach out to sponsor a set of books to go to another agency, as well as to personally purchase. Within the price to purchase a book, anybody that purchases one will not only be purchasing a book for themselves, but each purchase will also donate two additional books to a facility.

Karen P. Jobson, Emergency Department nurse manager, said the coloring books will be offered to all of the department’s patients regardless of age, along with individual crayon packets. The patients are currently unaware that they will be receiving the books, so once the crayons are delivered hopefully next week, distribution and coloring can begin.

“We thank Hannah for her thoughtfulness; it is greatly appreciated,” she said. “This is huge for us; it puts a smile on our face, and if we can make a patient smile with something that a community member donated to us, it is amazing and we are totally in awe and appreciate everything.”

With many patients coming in to the Emergency Department scared and lonesome due to COVID restrictions, Mrs. Jobson said she hopes the coloring books might help take their minds off of it, noting that they will be awesome things for patients to receive.

“You always hear the negative, but this is so positive,” Mrs. Jobson said of the donation. “I think this is a positive thing for our staff as well, to receive something like that that we can give out and say a young woman from our community made these books so that we can bring them to you to brighten up your day.”

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