Trip of compassion

In a small village near Krakow, Milówka-Kamesznica, a rehab center was converted into a refugee center for disabled children. The managers of the center told Lev Echad volunteers that they had trouble getting medicine for the kids, Ukrainian refugees. Watertown’s Milly Smith, rear, third from left, helped to fix the situation. With her in orange vests are Dr. Moshe Levi, a nephrologist from Washington, D.C., and his wife, Dr. Marilyn Levi, an infectious disease specialist. Provided photo

WATERTOWN — Two weeks after returning from Poland in a whirlwind trip to aid adrift Ukrainian refugees, Milagros “Milly” C. Smith treasured a newfound sense of appreciation for the way she makes a living here.

“It was a very fulfilling and humbling experience,” said Mrs. Smith, chief physician assistant and practice manager at QuikMed Urgent Care, 727 Washington St. “I actually came back home and said to my husband, ‘I can’t believe I make money off what I do.’”

Trip of compassion

Refugees enter Poland from Ukraine at the Medyka border crossing point. Chris Melzer/UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Trip of compassion

Milly Smith, Watertown, checks the vitals of a child in one of the two refugee homes she visited in Rzeszow, Poland, near the Ukrainian border, as part of the Lev Echad mission. The home in this photo housed four moms and their children. “Both homes had really sick kids and they waited for me to arrive to assess and treat their children,” Mrs. Smith said. Provided photo

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