In memory of

Marge Adams

Nancy Alexander

Walter and Iola Allen

Clarence Amo

Dick Augsbury

Les and Eva Augsbury

Earl Auslander

Lois Auslander

Sheila Auslander

Rick Balch

Frances Baltz

Sterling Baltz

Bill and Betty Beach

Willi Beach

Donna Bordell

Henry and Sara Brossoit

Wilbur “Al” Brossoit

Evelyn Brownell

Merrill S. Brownell

Susan Dee Brownell

Christopher Dingman

David Dingman

Doris Dingman

Gary Doney

Kenneth Dwyer

Bob and Bessie Freeman

Denny and Denise Freeman

Erik Freeman

Freeman Dogs

Mario Gazzilli

Dana Gibson

Lisa Gibson

George Gill

Herb Gould

Douglas Hebert

Adolf and Anna Hermann

Bill Hermann

John Hermann

Mary Jean Hermann

Sheryl Horbacz

Robert Horbacz

Carol Hunter

Paul Kenyon

Vi Kimmet

Betty Livingston

Calvin Livingston

Marissa Livingston

Chrissy Loomis

Tom Mason

Fred May

Helen and Clifton May

Donald and Marion Mayhew

Carol Mullin

Arlene and Bob Nadelen

Robin and Martin Nadelen

Halsey Oatman

Sylvia Oatman

Melody O’Connor

Alex and Phyllis Parkinson

Billy Patterson

Ethel Pease

William “Bill” Perry

Dorothy Pierce

Eugene Pond

Harry Potter

William Quesenberry

Martin Reff

Carol Savage

Monty Scee

Sally Scee

Audie Schmitte

Patty Schmitte

Terry Schmitte

Warren Schmitte

Dale Schultz

Marybelle Auslander Spearance

Billy Thomas

Steve Thomas

Arthur and Dorothy Todd

Tara VanHorn

Donna VandeWalker

Bob and Marge VanWie

Michael K. Vary

Edwin Vock

Henry and Myra Wagoner

Pete Witt

In honor of

Kathy Brossoit

Betty Gill

Carl and Lois Herman

Lois Herman

Barbara Lynch

Paul May

Shirley Oatman

Richard and Cindy Parker

George Rutledge Sr.

Mary Jane Rutledge

Pastor Joe and Martha

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