Watertown library seeks input on how to better serve area

Flower Memorial Library. Watertown Daily Times

WATERTOWN — Flower Memorial Library is looking for community input to make some possible permanent changes to best serve the area.

The library has posted a survey to its website asking people why they go to the library and what they might like to see offered there. The survey will be available for people to fill out for the next few weeks.

Library director Yvonne F. Reff said the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how the library goes about things, and now library officials want to know if any changes that were implemented should stick around long-term. They are also interested in hearing new ideas from community members.

“We know things have changed with the community in that before the pandemic, we did everything in person,” Mrs. Reff said. “As COVID hit, we started having to do things virtually and we found actually, there was a surprising audience for that, more than we thought, and now that we’re — at least I’m hoping — coming out of the pandemic a little, we want to know what the patrons want from us. We want to make sure we’re addressing the needs of the community.”

Statistically, the larger the sample size, the better the data, so the library wants as many people to respond as possible and has the survey out on Facebook, Instagram and its website, along with paper copies available in the building. The library wants as many people’s thoughts as possible, whether people are patrons or not. Mrs. Reff said the establishment is here to serve the community, and if it doesn’t know what the community wants and needs, it can’t serve the community well enough.

Data from the survey results will be collected and compiled over the next three weeks and once it’s discussed by the library’s board, it will then be shared with the community to show various needs and ideas of area residents. Patrons and community members alike can take the library survey to determine what services it will provide on a regular basis and they’ll also have an opportunity share any other opinions or comments about library-related thoughts and ideas.

“Somebody else might be able to provide a service that we can’t, so the more information that we share with everybody, maybe the better all of the organizations in the city can serve the community better,” Mrs. Reff said.

The survey can be accessed via the following link: http://wdt.me/LibrarySurvey.

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