CANTON — Albert, a pot-bellied pig, arrived at the Village Park on Aug. 4 with plenty of snacks to keep him happy.

While he chowed down on a bowl of spinach, his 10-year-old owner, Landon Bellinger, brushed his dark hair.

“This calms him down,” Landon said. “If you pick him up to try to move him, he squeals.”

After the spinach, Albert munched on a bowl of grains and then some carrot sticks. Cauliflower is one of his favorite foods.

The well-fed pig was among about a dozen animals that were showcased in a pet show held every summer as part of the Canton Free Library’s summer reading program.

Sitting in a large circle, children proudly sat next to their pets, which included not only a variety of dogs and cats, but also a hamster, chickens, rabbits and even a couple of stuffed animals.

Prior to the show, children described what they liked best about their pets, information that was shared with the group by Valerie White, children’s librarian. They all left with participation certificates and coupons for a free ice cream cone at Morgan’s Ice House.

“There’s oodles of poodles here,” joked 7-year-old Mara Wilson.

She was joined by her mother, Kelly Wilson, and their cat, Milo, who wasn’t too crazy about being confined on a leash.

Matilda, a pug dog, was dressed in a handmade bumblebee costume, a yellow tu-tu and antennas.

“My mother-in-law quickly came up with this for the show,” Stephanie Messina said.

Lucy, a 13-week Cavapoo dog, came to the park in a laundry basket with her owner, Addie Ragan, 9.

Wyatt LaMarche, 7, and his sister, Colette, 5, carried their fluffy hamster, Polar Bear, inside a plastic ball.

Their mother, Carol LaMarche, said the family adopted the hamster from the Potsdam Humane Society.

“They weren’t quite ready for a dog, so this is a good start,” she said.

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