Property sales

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Nov. 5:

Town of Lyme: 6.51 acres, 23144 County Route 57, Thomas M. Schramke and Peggy Ann Schramke, Allentown, Pa., sold to Joey Kingsland and Melissa Stevenson, Three Mile Bay $408,000

City of Watertown: 0.11 acres, 709 Lansing St., Mark F. Bush, Watertown, sold to Ronny A. Carmona Figueroa and Bet-Malee Salgado Calderon, Watertown $169,900

City of Watertown: 0.14 acres, 1006 Gotham St., Bruce W. MacKenzie, Depauville, sold to Jennifer Manns, Watertown $149,500

Town of Hounsfield: 2.1 acres, 19132 State Route 3, Jose Agosto, Watertown, sold to Jacob Lee Yousey and Paige Jolin Yousey, Castorland $199,000

Town of Orleans: 1.7 acres, 42664 Frederick Island, Nancy H. Newell and Elaine N. Fischer, Pittsford, sold to Donald R. Allen Jr. and Patricia A. Allen, Oakland, Fla. $750,000

Town of Cape Vincent: 1.45 acres, 2949 Bates Road, C. Bernard Kasby, New Smyrna Beach, Fla., sold to David Rowe, Kingston $28,000

Town of Brownville: 56.13 acres, 16074 County Route 59, Timi J. Gamble, Rome, sold to Jody G. Paige, Sackets Harbor; Gail G. Torres, Dexter and Billie G. McAdam, East Aurora $25,000

Town of Brownville: Unknown acres, State Route 180, Diane Schweitzer, Chaumont, sold to Ellen A. Harrell, Brownville $0

Village of Cape Vincent: 1.22 acres, 1270 E. Broadway, Mark G. Gebo, Watertown, as executor of the Robert J. Eveleigh estate, sold to Village of Cape Vincent $190,000

Town of Orleans: 29.96 acres, Shimel Road, Lee Shimel and Paulette Shimel, LaFargeville, sold to Michael J. Hudson and Mecia Hudson, LaFargeville $5,000

Town of Wilna: 0.8 acres, 39980 County Route 40, FTS Holding LLC, Black River, sold to Nicolas H. Ganter and Sahrae L. Ganter, Carthage $5,000

Town of Brownville: Two parcels totaling 0.23 acres, 25089 Road 212, Nicholas Cassoni and Luanne Cassoni, Carthage, sold to Mark Wilton, Calcium $100,000

City of Watertown: 0.22 acres, 1129 Gotham St., Rodney J. LaFave and Wendy L. LaFave, Watertown, sold to Nicole M. Constance, Watertown $154,500

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Nov. 8:

Town of Henderson: 0.23 acres, 10537 Sawyers Bay Road, Mark R. Staab and Maureen D. Staab, Syracuse, sold to Hovey-Buckley LLC, Baldwinsville $289,900

Village of West Carthage: 0.36 acres, 41 1/2 Madison St., Michael R. Hancock and Colleen C. Hancock, Carthage, sold to Sarah C. Johnson, Carthage $175,000

Village of Sackets Harbor: 0.46 acres, 217 Funny Cide Drive, Sackets Meadows LLC, Sackets Harbor, sold to Thomas J. Fossett and Marie-Huguette K. Fossett, Watertown $349,657

City of Watertown: 0.66 acres, 151 Ten Eyck St., Margaret C. Couch, Watertown, sold to Andrea L. Baker, Santa Clarita, Calif. $395,000

Town of Ellisburg: 10.1 acres, 8805 Lane Road, Wayne Blount, Henderson, sold to Gordon MacIlvennie and Darlene MacIlvennie, Henderson $380,000

Town of Adams: 1.89 acres, 16992 County Route 76, Michael Parish II, Adams Center, sold to Raymond L. Aldrich Sr., Henderson $81,500

City of Watertown: 0.16 acres, 909 Holcomb St., David J. Gerken, Watertown, sold to Marlane M. Cahill, Watertown $26,000

City of Watertown: 0.1 acre, 409 S. Massey St., RJLC21 Enterprises Corp., Port Jefferson, sold to Mengqi Wang, APO, AE $121,000

Town of Watertown: 0.59 acres, 20965 State Route 3, Clifton Land Company LLC, Clifton Springs, sold to Splash Car Wash Watertown LLC, Milford, Conn. $1,548,750

Town of Rutland: 0.54 acres, 23539 Perrigo Road, Timothy Charles Malmin and Linda Malmin, Hayesville, N.C., sold to Nathan W. Imel, Carthage $265,000

City of Watertown: Two parcels totaling 0.03 acre, 25 Public Square, Jerry O’Connell, Nedrow, sold to Za Four Amigos LLC, Watertown $84,178

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Nov. 9:

City of Watertown: 0.82 acres, 1201 Ives St., Mary Digiulio, Watertown, sold to Jacqueline A. Dawe, Watertown $447,200

Village of West Carthage: 0.17 acres, 37 N. Jefferson St., Wendell Moser, Copenhagen, sold to Micalah D. Schupp, Clayton $253,500

Town of Pamelia: 0.57 acres, 24218 State Route 37, Lawrence E. Vaughn, Watertown, sold to Brendan Jeffers and Sadia Jeffers, Waynesville, Mo. $280,000

City of Watertown: 0.1 acre, 123 S. Rutland St.,Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C., sold to Olivia Morrow, Watertown $43,500

Village of Glen Park: 0.19 acres, 507 Church St., Zachary L. Lillie, Watertown, sold to Mark A. Bartlett, Adams Center $127,000

City of Watertown: 0.15 acres, 221 S. Hamilton St., Alexa D. Zimm Simmons, Watertown and Leah C. Shanty-Zimm, Jersey City, N.J., sold to Guy F. Gauthier Jr., Philadelphia $136,000

Town of Adams: 1.74 acres, County Route 76, Herbert A. Lucas Jr. and Carol A. Lucas, Adams Center, sold to Christopher Ingro, Adams Center $0

Town of Worth: 24.74 acres, 26438 County Route 96, Stephen P. Kealy and Julie Kealy, Lorraine, sold to Phillip M. Kriner, Watertown $233,000

Village of Sackets Harbor: 0.26 acres, 100 Millcreek Lane, Jake E. Murphy, Argyle, Texas, sold to Cheryl A. McCormick, Sackets Harbor $140,000

City of Watertown: 0.09 acre, Nikki A. Patrick, Watertown, sold to Malory Drake, Richville $107,500

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Nov. 10:

Town of Theresa: 12.15 acres, 30503 State Route 26, Dean E. Foster, Theresa, sold to Deanne K. Roach, Adams $0

Town of Alexandria: 1.76 acres, 47186 Route 1 N, Nola Foster, Alexandria Bay, as trustee of The Foster Family Trust, sold to Gregory R. Ely, Redwood $0

City of Watertown: 0.17 acres, 412 Stone St., M & V Ventures LLC, Watertown, sold to Timothy Reitzel, Watertown $11,500

Village of Glen Park: 0.22 acres, 708 Main St., Scott M. Heise and Kellie A. Heise, Glen Park, sold to Jeremy D. York, Sackets Harbor $214,000

Town of Adams: 11.1 acres, 10033 Lawrence Road, Northern Credit Union, Watertown, sold to Brady P. McDermott, Watertown $70,501

Village of Mannsville: 0.36 acres, 502 Lincoln Ave., Jacob M. Ambrose and Elaine O. Ambrose, Evans Mills, sold to Humberto Perez, Watertown $185,394

City of Watertown: 0.63 acres, 908 Holcomb St., Frank Valentine Lezamiz, Columbus, Ga., sold to Gideon Tetteh Mac Tetteh, Fort Drum $246,000

Town of Theresa: 0.76 acres, Pool Road, Gary E. Grant, and D. Annette Grant, Lyons, and the Margaret D. Parks estate, sold to Bruce C. Mousseau and Kathy A. Mousseau, West Chazy $8,500

Town of Alexandria: 80.08 acres, Bailey Settlement Road, Samuel A. Hershberger and Sara Hershberger, Alexandria Bay, sold to Levi S. Miller, LaFargeville $155,000

Town of Orleans: 0.35 acres, Lake of the Isles, Arthur O. Pieper II, Fairport, sold to Kyle T. Pecha and Megan M. Pecha, Pulaski $38,000

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office Nov. 12:

Town of Pamelia: 21.12 acres, 25637 County Route 32, David L. Weaver, Calcium, sold to Tammy Lynn Irizarry, Troy, sold to Crystal J. Coleman, Rensselaer $0

Village of Sackets Harbor: 0.04 acre, 203 W. Main St., Constance L. Nicolette and Francis J. Nicolette, Cape Vincent, sold to Lake Ontario Rentals LLC, Chaumont $85,000

City of Watertown: 0.18 acres, 225 Haley St., John Michael Garitz, Parkville, Mo., as trustee of The Stella A. Garitz Revocable Trust, sold to Debra E. Bubb, Watertown $200,000

Town of Orleans: 20 acres, State Route 411, Donna L. Akins, Altoona, Pa., sold to TRB Properties LLC, Watertown $20,000

Town of Clayton: 0.39 acres, 9535 Palisades Lane E., Nancy A. Oldfield, Palmyra and Arleen Tobin, Rochester, as trustees of the Tobin Family Trust, sold to Bryan P. Pharoah and Elizabeth M. Pharoah, Theresa and Chad D. Buckley and Cathlyn G. Buckley, Theresa $230,000

Town of Alexandria: Two parcels totaling 3 acres, 20675 St. Lawrence Park Road, James Donegan, Alexandria Bay, as executor of the Kenneth J. Daily and the Dorothy J. Daily estates, sold to Trevor Charles Garlock and Erica Christine Garlock, Hammond $468,000

Town of Wilna: 5.3 acres, 43417 County Route 41, Francis Dutch, Natural Bridge, sold to Stacey L. Schank, Leroy $45,000

Town of Lorraine: 3.5 acres, 3081 County Route 95, Susan Sayers, Long Eddy, sold to Joseph Sayers, Lorraine $41,579

Village of Carthage: 0.18 acres, 214 N. James St., Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C., sold to Timothy Nettles and Lori Nettles, Carthage $60,100

Town of Hounsfield: 0.25 acres, 19742 State Route 12F, Cynthia A. Eisenhauer, Brownville, as executor of the Doris Dittrich estate, sold to Abby M. Gunn, Watertown $95,750

Town of Brownville: 1.62 acres, 25951 Smith Road, Casey Raines, Dexter, sold to Jillian N. Schafer and Shelby R. Mellen, Chaumont $77,320

Town of Orleans: 1.47 acres, County Route 3, Carol A. Flick, Clayton, sold to Chris A. Eisenhauer and Tina L. Eisenhauer, LaFargevile $10,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Aug. 23, 2021:

Town of Norfolk: Parcel, beginning on county road leading from Norfolk Village through Hamlet of Plumbrook, at southeasterly corner of premises now owned by Frank L. and Doris Haggett, The Frank L. Haggett Asset Management Trust, Norfolk, sold to Clifford Haggett, Massena; and Scott Scanlon, Norfolk $40,000

Town of Lawrence: 10.953 acres, beginning on Peru Street, from intersection with Route 11, Gloria J. Brean, North Lawrence, sold to Levi D. Schlabach and Claire A. Schlabach, North Lawrence $30,000

Town of Potsdam: 104.62 acres, beginning at center line of Emerson Road at most southerly corner of lands of Michael J. Hayes and Elena P. Hayes, Michael Anson and Krystal Anson, Canton, sold to Tanya Waite and Joseph R. Waite, Greenwich $290,000

Town of Oswegatchie: 0.55 acres, beginning in northwesterly corner of lands now or formerly of Lawrence W. and Carol A. West, Carol A. West, Ogdensburg, sold to Matthew Flynn, Ogdensburg $10,000

Town of Potsdam: 1.5 acres, southeasterly of Route 11, at northerly corner of lands now or formerly of Kenneth A. Chase and Jill E. Chase, Kenneth A. Chase and Jill E. Chase, Colton, sold to Michael Whitcomb, Potsdam $50,000

Town of Potsdam: 1.83 acres, beginning in southerly right of way of Bagdad Road at northeasterly corner of parcel owned by Scott and Sandra Dennis, Gwen M. Barrigar, sole trustee of The Lillie Family Trust, Elbridge, sold to Steven Weimer and Kathryn Krueger, Champaign, Ill. $275,000

Town of Oswegatchie: 10.57 acres, beginning in southeast corner of Thomas Ritchie lot, running east to northwest side of Lisbon Road; 14.75 acres, beginning in northerly line of Lisbon Road, at southerly corner of L.D. Popple’s lot; 11.38 acres, beginning in southeast corner of T.M. Ritchie lot, running along westerly line of L.D. Popple lot; and 19.64 acres, beginning on Lisbon Road at intersection with Partridge Road, Eloise A. Sterling, Heuvelton, sold to Julie E. Gray and Derrick B. Gray, Heuvelton $220,000

Town of Lawrence: 2.5 acres, beginning on McEewen Road at northeast corner of premises deeded to Robert J. Knox, Lovina Viki Jackson, Thurmont, Md., sold to Thomas E. Gillen and Lisa J. McGee, Rensselaer $44,500

Town of DeKalb: Parcel, beginning on Caroline Street at northwesterly corner of lot 2 to northwesterly corner of lot 1, Suzan L. McDermott, Canton, sold to Richard M. Gardina and Lisa A. Gardina, Kinderhook; and Brianne L. Gardina, Gouverneur $127,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, lot 6, block 336, bound by Green, Knox and Patterson Streets and Pleasant Avenue, Misty Spriggs, Ogdensburg, sold to Brittany J. Baker and Jordan T. Gladle, Ogdensburg $65,000

Town of Oswegatchie: 1.1 acres, beginning in southeast margin of Black Lake Road at northerly corner of lands conveyed to Robert F. Scheid, Jon A. Stone and Shirley F. Stone, Rome, sold to Gary A. Rozanski, Mountain Top, Pa. $130,000

City of Ogdensburg: parcel, beginning on west line of Caroline Street, southerly from intersection of Caroline and Jay Streets, Ryan E. Downie, Ogdensburg, sold to Paul E. Stanslaw and Lucia M. Stanslaw, Hotsprings, S.D. $120,000

Town of Massena: Parcel, 9 Lawrence Street, Rick Seguin, Brasher Falls, sold to Marjorie Trotter, Massena $50,000

Town of Canton: 15.8 acres, beginning on Ames Road at southwesterly corner of premises conveyed to Nancy L. Varden, Richard Christy, Canton, sold to Alexander Bryden and Megan Bryden, Malone $325,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Aug. 24, 2021:

Town of Morristown: 5.39 acres, beginning on Old Mills Road at northwesterly corner of subdivision lot 9 of survey of lands for Jesland Inc., Michael McDonald, Massena, sold to Diana Yaddow, Massena $7,000

Town of Pitcairn: 5.11 acres, beginning in east bounds of New York State Forest Lands known as Reforestation Area 21, Proposal F, Parcel 046001, from corners of lots 153, 154, 158 and 159, Michael F. Gaebel and Barbara J. Gaebel, Gouverneur, sold to Charles L. Frank and Christina R. Frank, Watertown $16,500

Town of Potsdam: 6.9 acres, beginning on Sweeney Road north of junction of centerlines of Parmenter and Sweeney Roads, Dawn Lavalley, Chaumont, administratrix of estate of Steven J. Frederick, sold to Bryan R. Stone, Potsdam $10,000

Town of Fine: Parcel, lot 49 of map of Cottage lots at Star Lake made by James McKee, James R. Sherman, trustee of Mary Sherman Living Trust, Star Lake, sold to Brent J. Murray and Jessica M. Murray, Norfolk $30,000

Town of DeKalb: 3.76 acres, beginning in southeasterly corner of lands now or formerly of Brandon Wynne and Cally Wynne, to northwesterly boundary of lands now or formerly of Helen Jablonski and Bruce M. Jablonski, Kimberly S. Masters, Georgetown, Texas, sold to Brandon Wynne and Cally Wynne, DeKalb Junction $3,000

Town of Massena: Parcel, lot 20, house 15, Cornell Avenue, block 5, Thomas W. Stearns, Massena, sold to Danielle L. Bevins, Springfield, Vt. $15,000

Town of Russell: 2.004 acres, beginning on Grandy Road at intersection with north line of Bishop lot, Judith Guminiak, Hermon, sold to Ryan Guminiak, Hermon $65,000

Town of Massena: Parcel, lot 64, block 49, “Homecraft Tract Property Map,” Milford Phelix Jr. and Frances Jacobs-Phelix, Hogansburg, sold to Dalton J. Lottie, Nicholville $20,000

Town of Madrid: 0.47 acres, 437 Ruddy Road, Terry Champion and Marsha Champion, Madrid, sold to Paul J. Valentino III and Janette Valentino, The Villages, Fla. $40,000

Town of Canton: 13.51 acres, beginning on Pink School Road at northwest corner of lands now or formerly of Melvin James, Andrew M. Bregg and Mary V. Bregg, Canton, sold to Eric O’Marah, Canton $10,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Aug. 25, 2021:

Town of Fowler: 0.42 acres, lot 2, north side of Mill Street; and 0.08 acres, beginning on Mill Street in southwest corner of lot 2, Jody Francis Kelsey, New Rochelle, sold to Anthony J. Spencer and April M. Spencer, Elmira $72,500

Town of Russell: Parcel, lot 3 on a map and survey made by Robert J. Lawson, Robert M. Farlow and Elizabeth A. Farlow, Allen, Md., sold to Noah G. Putnam and Mistori L. Putnam, Hermon $22,000

Town of Canton: 1.93 acres, beginning in easterly bounds of Canton-Russel Road from northerly bounds of Thomas Aldous property, Kimberly A. TeRiele, Canton, sold to Judith A. Atchie, Canton $80,000

Town of Massena: Parcel, lot 5, block 4, subdivision of Stearns Farm, East Orvis Street, Jands Enterprises Inc., Massena, sold to Steve Hayden, Massena $50,000

Town of Massena: 2.788 acres, beginning in south bounds of County Route 57 from junction with Hammill Road, John A. Hamilton, Trenton, Fla., sold to Meranda L. Delosh, Brasher Falls $78,000

Town of Brasher: Parcel, beginning in south bounds of highway leading from Brasher Falls to Winthrop at intersection of line between River View Tract and land owned by Mae Murray, Lorrissa L. Jackson, Brasher Falls, sold to Andrew P. French and Kayla A. French, Norwood $88,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Aug. 26, 2021:

Town of Hammond: 0.37 acres, beginning in northwesterly margin of New Road with intersection of Chippewa Bay Road, George L. McCormick, Chippewa Bay, sold to Ruston Moore and Kathleen Moore, Clinton $222,000

Town of Massena: 1.6 acres, Route 37C, Isabelle Monica, Massena, sold to Jason Lee Smith and Elizabeth Ryan Goodfellow, Massena $10,000

Town of Hammond: Parcel, beginning on shore of St. Lawrence River at corner of Hart and Smith lots, Ruston M. Moore, Clinton, sold to Scott D. Moore, Mohawk $61,000

Town of Canton: 0.25 acres, beginning in westerly corner of lot 1, formerly owned by S. Wallace, on easterly side of Miner Street, Elia Filippi and Denise Dingman, Richville, sold to Stephen D. Bechard and Kristin A. Bechard and Tyler A. Bechard, Manchester, N.H. $83,000

Town of Fine: 0.22 acres, beginning in west boundary of Colby Street at southeast corner of lands now or formerly of William S. Hunter, Patrick W. Sovay and Carol A. Sovay, Star Lake, sold to Gary Surman and Rose Surman, Cobleskill $250,000

Town of Gouverneur: 0.4 acres, beginning in northwest bounds of Pooler Street at southeast corner of lot 52, Jerry F. Daniels, Gouverneur, sold to Martha A. Johnson and Krysten A. Johnson, Gouverneur $125,000

Town of Clifton: 0.34 acres, beginning in northerly bounds of Route 3 in southeast corner of lands of Lionel and Eudora Guiles, Elizabeth A. Guiles, Carthage, sold to Equity and Help Inc., Clearwater, Fla. $23,000

Town of Massena: Parcel, beginning in northerly bounds of West Hatfield Street from easterly bounds of William Nightengale farm, Sierra R. Gladding and Michael E. Brown, Massena, sold to Amber Leigh Delosh-Niles, Massena $83,000

Town of Gouverneur: 8 acres, beginning in northerly corner of lands now or formerly of David K. Dygert and Aimee L. Dygert, Adam Kokinda, Lehighton, Pa., sold to Johnathan G. Morrow, Richville $6,000

Town of Lawrence: 7.843 acres, beginning on Route 11 at intersection with Route 11C, William Donals Jr., Belfair, Wash, executor of estate of the late William E. Donals Sr., sold to Sanford Stauffer, Nicholville $150,000

Town of Colton: 0.11 acres, beginning at easterly corner of School House lot and parcel conveyed to John and Merwyn Dean, Robin L. Hurley, North Tonawanda; and Donna Brockway, Spring Hill, Fla., sold to John P. McGuire and Dana O. McGuire, Hannawa Falls $318,000

Town of Brasher: 8.2 acres, beginning on Meyer Road, southeasterly from junction with County Road 92, Seaway Timber Harvesting Inc., Massena, sold to Johanthan Hirschey and Autumn Hirschey, Massena; and Dale Hirschey and Charlene Hirschey, Glenfield $21,000

Town of Clifton: Parcel, beginning in easterly margin of Columbian Road at northwest corner of lot conveyed to Robert M. Lamb, Melissa Streeter, Norfolk, Va.; and Martha Tiernan, Norfolk, Va., sold to Joseph W. Burg, Akron $140,000

Town of Parishville: Parcel, beginning in southerly bounds of Niagara Mohawk Power Corp right of way on southerly side of Rainbow Flow, Douglas W. Swibold, Sharps Chapel, Tenn.; and Julie Lannette Smith, Glendale Springs, N.C., sold to Brett Zito, Macedon $3,500

Town of Fowler: Parcel, beginning at intersection of River Road and Bay Road, J. Arthur Besaw and Lynette Besaw, Gouverneur, sold to Dale Robert Thomas and Donna D. Thomas, DePeyster $97,500

Town of Russell: Parcel, beginning on Lake George Highway at southwesterly corner of lot conveyed to Floyd R. Dana $15,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Aug. 27, 2021:

Town of Stockholm: 24.15 acres, beginning on Crane Road at division line between mile square lots 25 and 26, Kyle D. Dunkelberg and Cambray A. Dunkelberg, Waddington, sold to Julie Shantie, Winthrop $308,000

Village of Norwood: Parcel, beginning in northerly bounds of Ridge Street at intersection with easterly bounds of Walnut Street, Michael P. diVinchenzo, Norwood, sold to Hung Chin Ho, Norwood $95,000

Village of Norwood: 0.94 acres, beginning in northerly bounds of Prospect Street at southwest corner of Tebo, William G. Swan, Chase Mills, executor of the last will and testament of the late Joseph H. Swan, sold to Robin C. Anderson, College Station, Texas $140,000

Town of Hopkinton: 0.47 acres, beginning on southerly shoreline of Lake Ozonia from northeast corner of lands conveyed to Jane E. Collins Benton, James K. Lattimer and Cheryl Lattimer, Brasher Falls, sold to Peter Cronin and Amy D. Cronin, Fayetteville $230,000

Town of Brasher: 5.06 acres, beginning at intersection of new roadway traveling northeasterly from Murray Road with woods road traveling easterly, Seaway Timber Harvesting Inc., Massena, sold to David Lapage and Leigh Castle, Madrid $22,000

Town of Pierrepont: Parcel, beginning in northwest corner of lot formerly deeded to I.S. Fuller and Canton Road, Roberta A. Fifield, Canton; and Rose Camp, Canton, sold to Lee K. Van de Water and Nicole M. Roche, Colton $25,000

Town of Pierrepont: Parcel, beginning in northwest corner of lot formerly deeded to I.S. Fuller and Canton Road, Sharon J. Camp, executrix of last will and testament of Robert G. Camp, Canton, sold to Lee K. Van de Water and Nicole M. Roche, Colton $25,000

Town of Massena: Parcel, portion of lot 4, Tract M, beginning in east bounds of Main Street at intersection with John C. Crasper home lot and Mable Dimick property, TVA Commercial Properties LLC, Massena, sold to Dary Amo and Christine Amo, Massena $79,000

Town of Lawrence: 38.06 acres, beginning in westerly line of lot 9 at southwest corner of lot conveyed to I. Holmes, Peter Thomas Arntsen, Virginia Beach, Va., sold to Ardhi Holdings LLC, Amherst $34,000

Town of Norfolk: 4.96 acres, beginning in easterly bounds of County Route 39 at westerly corner of parcel now or formerly of Parkway Properties Malone LLC, Tammy Lynn Compo, Chase Mills, sold to Patrick Curran, Massena $2,500

Town of Oswegatchie: 2.15 acres, beginning on Black Lake Road at intersection with northeast boundary of lands now or formerly of Russell J. Gilmour and Terri R. Gilmour, Henry G. Matthew and Deborah J. Matthews, Ogdensburg, sold to Eric K. Thompson and Bobbi Jo O’Donnell Thompson, Heuvelton $90,000

Village of Massena: 0.24 acres, beginning in east bounds of Windsor Road at northwest corner of the land of Currier, Shi Hai Chen, Massena, sold to Nicholas William Davison and Elyse Marie Lauzon, Fort Covington $104,000

Town of Massena: Parcel, lot 16 in “Maple View” addition to Village of Massena, Dana J. Starks, Massena; and Betty A. Starks, Massena, sold to Karen Marie Thompson, West Deptford, N.J. $150,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Aug. 30, 2021:

Town of Clifton: 1.2 acres, bounded on northeast and south by Sheldon Lane and north by Marshall Avenue, Ronald J. Blackmon and Sue T. Blackmon, Star Lake, sold to Connie Darrow, Ilion $3,500

Town of Clifton: 0.105 acres, beginning at Monument 4 on west side of Front Street, Elizabeth Bassity, Newton Falls, sold to Clorissa M. Brewster and Jason C. Brewster, Taylorsville, N.C. $18,000

Town of Lisbon: 5.07 acres, beginning on Townline Road at southwest corner of lands now or formerly of John H. Miller and Katie E. Miller, Jonas P. Hershberger and Mattie Hershberger, Heuvelton, sold to Chriss J. Troyer and John H. Troyer, Heuvelton $50,000

Town of Lisbon: 2.96 acres, beginning at northeasterly corner of premises conveyed to Larry R. and Sheila D. Mehaffy on northerly boundary line to easterly boundary of lands now or formerly of Harzinski, John Miller and Katie Miller, Ogdensburg, sold to Larry R. Mehaffy and Sheila D. Mehaffy, Ogdensburg $8,000

Town of Lisbon: 34.7 acres, beginning at southeast corner of lands now or previously owned by Baxter and Bigelow, running along Tuck Road, John Miller and Katie Miller, Ogdensburg, sold to Jacob S. Shetler and Emma Shetler, Lisbon $120,000

Town of Fowler: 1 acre, beginning on shore of Sylvia Lake from southwest corner of lands of John Geurkink, Joan A. Morehouse, Hailesboro, sold to Brian W. Walton and Angelena M. Walton, Gouverneur $155,000

Town of Canton: 26.09 acres, beginning in westerly bound of mile square 9 from centerlines of Johnson Road and Wilstrop Road, Fobare Farm LLC, Rensselaer Falls; Roy M. Keim and Frannie P. Keim, Burke; and Mose L. Keim, Salesville, Ohio, sold to Levi M. Keim and Susie B. Keim, Rensselaer Falls $5,000

Town of Canton: 50 acres, beginning at southwest corner of lot 19, running along westerly line, Roy M. Keim and Frannie P. Keim, Burke; and Mose L. Keim, Salesville, Ohio, sold to Jonas P. Hershberger and Mattie J. Hershberger, Heuvelton $140,000

Town of Canton: 3.13 acres, beginning on County Route 14 at northeasterly corner of lands now or formerly of Brian P. Watson, Kelly Jordan, Canton, sold to Kimberly TeRiele, Canton $138,000

Town of Louisville: 2.59 acres, beginning in southeast boundary of Route 131 at northerly boundary of lands now or formerly of Daniel Girard and Trista L. Girard, Cynthia Girard, individually and as surviving spouse of the late Robert D. Girard, Massena, sold to Randall J. Haggett and Jessica A. Haggett, Massena $132,500

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, beginning in northeast corner of block 321, running south along west line of Clark Street, Sandra S. Bylow, Gouverneur, sold to Timothy H. Kench, Ogdensburg $25,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, lot 4, block 66 on map made by T.B. Tate, Catherine A. Hillenbrand and Michael W. Hillenbrand, Ogdensburg, sold to Ebony Small and Khadja Small, Mount Vernon $130,000

Town of Canton: 1 acre, beginning on Route 186 from junction with Route 68, Terry Lumbard-Monnat, Carthage, sold to Catherine A. Hillenbrand, Ogdensburg $170,000

Town of Lisbon: Parcel, beginning at intersection of Cold Springs Road with Town Line Road, Shava Lynne Norsworthy, trustee of Sandra Lee Griffin Irrevocable Income Only Trust, Lisbon, sold to Brandon Murray and Jenesse Watson, Lisbon $120,000

Village of Gouverneur: Parcel, beginning in southerly margin of Barney Street with northwest corner of lot conveyed to Arthur E. Gaddis, Theodore R. Parsons III and Kelly K. Parsons, Gouverneur, sold to Courtney Matice and Brian House, Gouverneur $60,000

Town of Madrid: 2.39 acres, beginning in northwest bounds of Chipman Corners Road at intersection with Dennis Road, Beth A. Fields, Madrid; and Frederick S. Morrill, Ogdensburg, sold to Kayla Bresett and Colin Fields, Ogdensburg $60,000

Town of Potsdam: Parcel 1: 1.94 acres, beginning on Old Potsdam to Parishville Road from intersection with Gean E. and Franklin J. Champney farm’s southwest bounds; and Parcel 2: 19.2 acres, beginning on Parishville Turnpike in westerly bounds of lot 79, John A. Kerr and Penelope A. Kerr, Shelter Island, sold to Adam McKeon, Syracuse $145,000

Town of Fowler: 1.23 acres, beginning in easterly margin of Hailesboro-Pike’s Corners crossroad, intersecting with westerly boundary line of premises owned in 1965 by the Gouverneur Country Club, Ryan S. Young and Alexis J. Young, Gouverneur, sold to Jared M. Hartle and Brianna M. Barber, Harrsville $219,000

Town of Piercefield: Parcels, part of lot 43, township 3, Great Tract 2 of Macomb’s Purchase, Louis Restifo, Burnt Hills, trustee under agreement of trust known as the Restifo Family Camp Revocable Trust, sold to William E. Lynch Jr. and Mary Elisabeth Lynch, Villanova, Pa. $1,878,500

Town of DeKalb: 50 acres, beginning on Route 812, south from south end of girders of State Highway Bridge over Oswegatchie River, Kurt Denhoff, Fabius, sold to Derrick H. Pitts and Linda G. Carroll-Pitts, Philadelphia, Pa. $125,000

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