Property sales

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office April 20:

Village of West Carthage: 0.29 acres, 25 N. Main St., Jerrod J. Johnson, Carthage, sold to Emerson Davis and Amy L. Davis, Ogdensburg $170,000

Town of Ellisburg: 102.13 acres, U.S. Route 11, HMS of Northern NY Inc., Watertown, sold to Steven M. Rogers and Tina M. Rogers, Pierrepont Manor $110,000

Town of Champion: 25.27 acres, Humphrey Road, Alice Hostetter, Carthage, sold to Jeffrey L. Sullivan and Darcie R. Sullivan, Carthage $60,000

Town of Henderson: Two parcels: 1) 0.41 acres, 14037 Rounds Ridge, 2) 0.01 acre, Snowshoe Road, Joseph Demong, Camillus, as trustee of the Robert J. Demong and Marie K. Demong Irrevocable Trust, and Robert J. Demong, Syracuse, sold to Michael R. Ras and Gregory M. Ras, Rochester $50,000

Town of Rutland: 2.66 acres, 26836 Ridge Road, Patrick B. Smith, Clay, sold to Arnaud T. Pooda, Watertown $189,000

Village of Brownville: 1.26 acres, 403 Brown Blvd., Timothy Hunt, Brownville, Patrick Hunt, Black River, and Kathleen McWayne, Watertown, sold to Philip Stillman, Lowville $180,000

Town of Clayton: 1.13 acres, 17002 May Irwin Road, Robert J. Foster and Rosemarie B. Foster, Chaumont, sold to Robert J. McIntire, Clayton $199,000

Village Carthage: 0.47 acres, 328 N. Washington St., Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C., sold to Jason Goodman, Lowville $20,000

City of Watertown: Two parcels: 1) 0.16 acres, 153 Breen Ave., 2) 0.08 acre, 25 Breen Ave., Melissa Flinn, Humelstown, Pa., as executor of the Raymond E. Canale estate, sold to David A. Roy and Diane J. Roy, as trustees of the David and Diane Roy Family Trust, Watertown $55,000

Village of Chaumont: 1 acre, 11288 State Route 12E, Michael Perry, Chaumont, sold to Stephen P. Gauthier and Marissa Lynn Gauthier, Brownville $180,000

Town of Henderson: 0.93 acres, 8084 Fargo Road, Wayne E. Briot, Copenhagen, sold to Matthew J. Bettinger and Holly K. Briot, Henderson $155,400

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office April 22:

Town of Hounsfield: 0.32 acres, 21921 Storrs Road, Robert J. Trump, Pulaski, sold to Derrill Bount III, Pulaski $37,000

Village of Black River: 0.46 acres, 122 W. Remington St., Doris A. McLallen, Greer, S.C., sold to Jenna K. Greenwood and Katherine H. Greenwood, Calcium $189,500

Town of Champion: 1.3 acres, 21610 County Route 47, George H. Walters Jr., Watertown, sold to Kendall Moser and Janessa Moser, Carthage $10,500

Town of Clayton: 0.9 acres, 16251 County Route 181, Terri Taraska, Redwood, sold to Ryan S. Healy and Danielle M. Bidwell, Clayton $38,000

Village of Carthage: 0.11 acres, 416 Budd St., Erin K. Borisevic, Carthage, sold to Jacob Thomas Schmitt and Ariel D. Schmitt, Grand Forks, N.D. $145,900

City of Watertown: 0.11 acres, 431 S. Measow St., Glenn F. Chapman Jr., Watertown, sold to Melody A. Lane, Dexter $66,800

Village of Alexandria Bay: 0.17 acres, 24 Margaret Ave., David C. Garlock, Alexandria Bay and Jennifer D. Hebert, Alexandria Bay, as executor of the Richard S. Garlock estate, sold to Russell S. Henry and Trina A. Henry, Alexandria Bay $75,000

Village of Brownville: 0.52 acres, 257 E. Main St., Scott T. Kreymborg, Brownville, sold to Dane R. Halligan, Sauquoit $173,700

Town of Ellisburg: 1.21 acres, 16767 County Route 85, Mary McMaster, So. Burlington, Vt., sold to Anthony Curtis, Milton, Vt. $0

City of Watertown: 0.18 acres, 429 Stone St., Tina L. Goodwin, Watertown, sold to Eagle Empire Real Estate Inc., Watertown $0

Village of Alexandria Bay: 0.11 acres, 29 Catherine Ave., Anthony M. Menkel III, Chippewa Bay, sold to Kyle Reyes and Melissa S. Reyes, Alexandria Bay $109,000

City of Watertown: 0.27 acres, 618 Holcomb St., Anthony M. Netto and Jillian J. Netto, Watertown, sold to Bryan Schouten and Vanessa Stevens, Watertown $240,000

City of Watertown: 0.14 acres, 206 Michigan Ave., Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C., sold to Timothy Bodah, Adams Center $47,500

Village of West Carthage: 0.3 acres, 93 1/2 Champion St., Britni M. Dececchis, Carthage, sold to Tracey E. Rivera-Jenkins, Carthage $175,000

City of Watertown: 0.1 acre, 113 Ten Eyck St., Stephen J. Bradley and Joyce M. Bradley, Watertown, sold to Justin R. Stewart and Ashley L. Stewart, Fort Hood, Texas $190,000

Town of Lyme: 0.47 acres, 11340 Robinson Road, Leland E. Lear, Chaumont, sold to Cecil R. Kirkey, Dexter $6,000

Town of Lyme: 6.87 acres, 30012 County Route 179, Michael St. Don, Chaumont, sold to Peter G. Greico and Julie S. Greico, Watertown $198,000

Town of Orleans: 2.69 acres, Middle Road, Denise J. Ryan, Alexandria Bay, sold to Christopher P. Garceau, LaFargeville, and Danielle J. Pearson, Adams Center $0

The following property sales were recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s office April 24:

Village of Evans Mills: 0.69 acres, 8614 Leray St., Elizabeth A. Scribner, Clifton Park, sold to Daniel Cote, Evans Mills $183,000

Town of Clayton: 17.4 acres, 36499 Pelo Road, Michael L. Ingerson and Lisa A. Ingerson, Clayton, sold to William A. Lent Jr. and Lisa M. Lent, Clayton $329,000

Village of Antwerp: 0.47 acres, 2 Main St., Horace Bowden and Jodie Bowden, Vine Grove, Ky., sold to Earl D. Goodrich, Calcium $72,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Nov. 27, 2019:

Town of Oswegatchie: 3.03 acres, part of mile square 64 north of Eel Weir Road, Matthew T. Moses, Douglas P. Witherell and Lori K. Witherell, Ogdensburg, sold to Kaitlin M. Pierce, Ogdensburg $159,000

Town of Potsdam: 127.51 acres, part of lot 44, southerly bounds of Route 11 and westerly bounds of Dayton Road, John A. Glazier, Daytona Beach Shores, Fla., sold to Fall Line Property Management LLC, Malone $300,000

Town of Macomb: Parcel 1: 59.4 acres, lot 22 of westerly subdivision of Judston Tract; Parcel 2: 2.5 acres, beginning at point in tract line between Dodge and Judson tracts; and Parcel 3: 74.21 acres, lot 238 of David C. Judsons share of Morris Tract, Maureen P. Vesey, New Rochelle, sold to Francis J. Cioffi Jr. and Azucena E. Cioffi, Rutland, Vt. $65,000

Town of Morristown: 0.426 acres, County Route 6 at northwest corner of premises now or formerly owned by Keith J. and Pauline C. Armstrong, Russell Stephen Jacobs and Brook Carolann Peters, Arkport, sold to Paul W. Price, Endicott $68,500

Town of Russell: 88.74 acres, section 3 of township 9, Great Tract 3 of Macomb’s Purchase, Scott Storms, Morrisonville, sold to mark Storms, Carthage $5,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Dec. 2, 2019:

Town of Rossie: Parcel 1: 117.9, westerly b ank of Indian River at northeasterly corner of Uriah Keeler lot; and Parcel 2: 42 acres, part of lot 14 in township 2 in Great Tract 3 of Macomb’s Purchase, Kurt C. Bryant, executor of last will and testament of Dorothy J. Briant, Scotia, sold to Jaeger Farm LLC, Alexandria Bay $280,000

Town of Fine: Parcel, south shore river lot 91 on mape made by B.R. Train C.B., Susan E. Blasland, North Syracuse, administratrix of the estate of the late Gretchen Marsh, Cicero, sold to David L. Birchenough, Star Lake $137,000

Town of Waddington: Parcel 1: northerly bounds of Route 37 from New York State Power Authority Monument WA162; Parcel 2: northerly bounds of Route 37 from New York Power Authority Monument WA166, DEA Properties Corporation, Massena, sold to Robert W. Arquiett and Andrea L. Arquiett, Waddington $160,000

Town of Colton: 56.23 acres, part of lot 17, township 10; and 38.9 acres, part of lot 23 in township 10, Patrick J. Arduine and Patricia A. Arduine, Potsdam, sold to Edward C. Hayes and Carol A. Hayes, South Colton $65,000

Town of Gouverneur: Parcel, 65 Parker Street, Matthew Wood, Gouverneur, sold to Cheryl Coelho, Ogdensburg $53,000

Town of Massena: Parcel 1: 0.154 acres, 60 Ames Street; and Parcel 2: 3 Church Street, Thomas W. Post, Massena, sold to Scott Power, Massena and David F. Power, Massena $75,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Dec. 3, 2019:

Town of Canton: 0.5 acres, beginning at southeast corner of Toomey lot, Ruth Duprey, Elbridge, sold to Melissa Burchard, Canton $42,000

Town of Fine: Parcel, on road leading from Oswegatchie to Aldrich layong partly in lot 35 of east half of township 12 and partly in lot 82 of west half of township 12, Linda A.M. Hurteau, Ogdensburg, sold to Michael G. Shoen, Ogdensburg $25,000

Town of Morristown: 2.948 acres, River Road at intersection of west boundary of lands now or formerly of Richard J. and Judith M. Norman, Gloria S. Johnson, Ogdensburg, sold to Eric A. Olcott, Theresa $171,000

Town of Fowler: 12.64 acres, Route 58 intersecting Matoon Creek, Darren Fenlong, Gouverneur, sold to Thomas A. Sleeman and Nichole M. Sleeman, Gouverneur $125,000

Town of Gouverneur: 1.4 acres, County Roiute 11 intersected by northerly boundary of lands now or formerly of William J. Conran and Diane M. Conran, William J. Conran, surviving spouse and tenant, Gouverneur, sold to Vance W. Shampine and Anne M. Shampine, Gouverneur $100,000

Town of Gouverneur: 9.13 acres, beginning in east margin of Clinton Street at northwest corner of 15 acres conveyed to Sheldon Babcock, Elsie J. Griffith, Gouverneur, and George L. Griffith, Gouverneur, sold to Michael J. McQuade and Jaimee D. McQuade, Gouverneur $13,000

Town of Gouverneur: Parcel 1: 206-208A, B.C.D. Quarry Road; and Parcel 2: off Route 59, Travis Real Estate LLC, Gouverneur, sold to Sherri L. Mandigo, Gouverneur $46,000

Town of Madrid: Parcel, protion of 97.7 acre parcel in deed from Helen Marion Acres, Wendy A. Flint, Naples, Fla., and Mardi L. Patterson, Pinckney, Mich., co-trustees of Helen M. Acres Trust, sold to Larry J. Fayette and Catherine Fayette, Norfolk, Chad P. Fayette, Potsdam, Amy L. Fayette, Massena, Jeffrey S. Fayette, Theresa, and Jennifer L. Charlands, Essex Junction, Vt. $180,000

Town of Hammond: 35.64 acres, southwesterly side of Ireland Road intersected by southeasterly boundary of lands now or formerly of Branda L. Murray, Martin Brothers Farms LLC, Hammond, sold to David Goldie and Wendy Goldie, Ogdensburg $52,000

Town of Canton: 1 acre, east of Route 310 in miles square 1, Third Range, Robert E. Grandaw and Dorothy Grandaw, Canton, sold to Terisa A. Billings, Canton $77,000

Town of Oswegatchie: Parcel, lot 9 of Lake Shore Lots Laura Zoller Farm on map prepared by Charles B. Schermerhorn, Devan James Cornish, Naples, sold to Brian R. Christopher, Fairport $60,000

Town of Lisbon: 20.2 acres, southeasterly of Moran Road at southwesterly corner of lands conveyed to Daniel D. Ritz, Daniel D. Ritz, Dulruth, Ga., sold to Craig J. Coffey and Allison Cole, Canton $18,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Dec. 4, 2019:

Village of Canton: 0.34 acres, 21 Hammond Drive, Janet Stitt, Canton, sold to William F. Mason and Virginia M. Mason, Canton $180,000

Town of Lisbon: 3.58 acres, southerly of Cold Springs Road, mile square 2, Fourth Range, Knollwood Farm LLC, Lisbon, sold to Brandon M. Wilson and Rosemarie Maneri, Lisbon $60,000

Town of Pitcairn: 6.8 acres, lot 5 of mape entitled “Division of Lands to be Conveyed to Christmas and Associates Inc. in lot 49, Brodie Tract and Tw. 11, Macomb’s Purchase 3,” Ralph A. Kimbrell, Croghan, and Christopher M. Kimbrell, San Diego, Calif., sold to Edward M. Seymour, Nassau $39,500

Village of Gouverneur: 0.45 acres, beginning at east corner of Henry Morrison lot, west margin of Rock Island Street, Sharon A. Liscum, Gouverneur, sold to Brooke M. Bush, Gouverneur $67,000

Town of Morristown: 0.21 acres, southwesterly margin of Black Lake Road and east from southeasterly margin of Marysburg Road, Donald L. Ingraham and Beverly I. Ingraham, Willet, sold to Russell A. Stayton and Belinda Stayton, Alexandria Bay $85,000

Village of Massena: Parcel, lot 3 fronting on Ashbury Place on map entitled “Final Plat, Map of 7, West Massena Tract,” David C. Alfano and Dianna L. Alfano, Massena, sold to Andrew Peter Lawall and Amanda Rose Lawall, co-trustees of Lawall Living Trust, Pine Valley, Calif. $280,000

Towno f Pitcairn: 7.31 acres, part of lot 49 of Brodie Tract, township 11, Macomb’s Purchase 3, Mountain River Properties LLC, Croghan, sold to Adam S. Metcalf and Helene L. Metcalf, Oswego $26,500

Town of Pierrepont: 5.04 acres, half mile square lot 38, north bound of Irish Settlement Road in east line of land of Household Finance Realty Corporation of New York, Michael C. Johnner and Brendonlynn M. Johnner, Colton, sold to Emily Dawley and Mitchell Miller, Lisbon $130,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, block 44 on Ford Mansion Tract, northwest corner of lot now or formerly of Herbert G. Chandler, Gordon D. Powers and Mary M. Powers, Ogdensburg, N.J., sold to Shelley LaRue, Ogdensburg $41,000

City of Ogdensburg: Parcel, strip of land 30 feet wide on Pickering Street extending along southeast side of lot owned by B.C. Algie, Michele D. Jones, Gloversville, sold to Sara J. LaFave, Ogdensburg $62,000

Town of Hopkinton: 4.09 acres, northeast of Santamont Road, Great Lot 22 of Short Tract, Michael Solley and Laura Solley, Florahome, Fla., sold to David K. Stott and Patti A. Stott, Bridgeport $69,000

The following property sales were recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s office Dec. 5, 2019:

Town of Potsdam: Parcel, 2452 County Route 35, Michael R. Pearson and Kelsey M. Pearson, Norwood, sold to Rian Patric McFadden and Shannon R. McFadden, Norfolk $162,500

Town of Pierrepont: 25.97 acres, part of great lot 22 of Harrison Tract, Gary Bushaw, Russell, sold to John H. Thompson and Mary Jane Thompson, Potsdam $100,000

Town of Brasher: 6.79 acres, part of lot 12 in west third of township 17, Arnold R. Jenkins and Betty Jo Jenkins, Massena, sold to Zane A. Ramsdell, Winthrop $70,000

Town of Hammond: Parcel 1: 2.71 acres, Route 37 to intersection to westerly line of Youngs property; and Parcel 2: Old Military Road at boundary line of Harold Hyde Farm and Edwin B. Hadlock property, Leonard D. Bickelhaupt and Robyn J. Bickelhaupt, Hammond, sold to Adam Bickelhaupt, Hammond $45,000

Town of Waddington: 0.34 acres, southerly boundary of St. Lawrence Avenue at point being the northeasterly corner of James F. and Susan L. Olszewski, Belle L. Burgoyne, Waddington, sold to Michael R. Pearson, Norwood $216,000

Town of Lisbon: 0.31 acres, northwest bounds of River Road marked by a stone monument of the Power Authority of the State of new York, LI 90, Seema Pagadala Rivera, individually and as administrator of the estate of the late Jayakumar Theodore Pagadala, Lisbon, sold to Charles Foster, Ogdensburg $18,000

Town of Oswegatchie: 4.59 acres, part of lot 11 of Ward Tract, John J. Norman, Ogdensburg, sold to Tanner J. LaJoy and Taylor E. Fredericks, Lisbon $68,000

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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