Rensselaer Falls Library Memory Tree

Given memory by Robert and Betty Poor: Clifford and Ruth M. Poor, Ralph and Hazel Hynes, Arnold and Myrtle Bill, Clarence and Ruth D. Poor, Elmer and Ruthe Cleland, Clyede and Mildred Pierce, Leola Cleland, Alfred Gordon, Marrisa Maroney, June Miller, Francis “Buck” Stowell, Donna Parow, Madeline Boprey, Schuyler Alverson, Burton Taylor and Gail Fuller

Given in memory by Paulette Burcume, Duane Burcume, William Fortin, Mary Fortin, Gerald Cunningham, Gladys Cunningham, Vern Burcume, Eva May Burcume, Merle Putnam, Terry Hammond, Harold Phillips, Marion Lytle, Virginia Aldrich, Harold Aldrich, Schuyler Alverson, Sharon Parshley and Mary Ida Kessler

Given in memory by Debby and Tom Hannan: James Chase, Lois Chase, John Sansocuy, Betty Lytle, Elizabeth Woodcock, Howard Woodcock, Mark Glidden, Velma Glidden, John Besio, Wilma McManus, Marie Holland, Janet Erwin, Mary Catherine Doyle, Mary Dupont, Dick Dupont, Betty Hannan, Bill Dollinger, Jim Christy, Peg Dollinger, Gerry Sansoucy, Richard Hamilton, Jack Holland, Jack Holland Jr., “Chuck” Kelly, Tom McManus, Mary Sue McAddo Seymour and Mark Besio

Given by Carolyn Alkerton in memory of Gordon Alkerton, Michelle Rivers, Vivian Lincoln, Vernon Lincoln and lost pets, cats and dogs

Given in memory by Roger and Donna McCrea: Howard McCrea, Helen Griffith McCrea, Carol McCrea, Eftyon McCrea, Mary Gutterson Fox McCrea, George Gutterson, Mildred Gutterson, Willard Gutterson, Allen Gutterson, Edmund (Ted) Griffith, Hettie Carpenter Griffith, Maureen Griffith, Hazel Griffith Brown, Barbara Brown Paige, Elizabeth Brown Davenport and Bonnie Brown

Given in memory by Janet and Claude Palmer: Michael Galpin, Marc Galpin, Kim Galpin, Tyler Galpin, Joseph Richer, Doris Richer, Wayne Richer, Robert Richar, Richard Richer, Raymond Richer, Lois Richer, Simeon Palmer, Sara E. Palmer, S. Albert Palmer, Charles A. Palmer, Lynn A Palmer, Doug Streeter, Francis “Buck” Stowell, Helen Carmen, John Barr and Joy Beaulieu

Given in memory by Bonnie Palmer: Lynn Palmer Sr., Charls Palmer, Herb Wainwright, Ben Childs, Bee Childs, the Rev. Betty Masters, Sara E. Palmer, Simeon A. Palmer, Mildred A. Brown, Wilbert W. Rickard, Blanche Rayburn, Henry Rayburn, Sandra E. Rickard, Ruby K. Rickard, Wilbert O. Rickard, Dr. Helen Dollar, Clark Haen, Harold Haven, Mrs. Winnie Van Dusen, Lois Chase, Jim Chase, Cheryl Lester, the Rev. Bill Masters and Jessie Wainwright

Given in memory by Nettie Palmer: S. Albert Palmer, David Palmer, Ivan LaRock, Mary LaRock, Ron McGaw, Wanda McGaw, Marjorie Howes, Hand Donnelly, Linda Donnelly, Percy Donnelly, Eileen Donnelly, Robert Stowell, Harold L. Phillips, Donald Donnelly, Robert Donnelly and Jerry Tourville

Given in memory by Cassie Donnelly: Michael Stark, Elsir Rabideau, Marjorie Howes and Kimberly Clary

Given in memory by Esther Gushea: Michael McDougall, Leroy Gushea, Charles Gushea, Lorena Gushea, Newell Beatty, Cornie Beatty, Eleanor Kribbs, Ruth Moore, Irma LaRue and Betty McAdoo

Given in memory by John and Debbie Bartlett: Lee and Vanetta Gill, Hazel and Maurice Cline, George Cline, Herb and Kathleen Goodison, Bob and Ruth Roca, Kenneth and Evelyn Ginn, Maude Thompson, Nellie Perry, John Breaky and Mary Sue McAdoo Seymour

Given in memory by Cindy and Richard LaRue: George LaRue, Irma LaRue, Fred LaRue, Ida LaRue, Charles Gushea, Lorena Gushea, Leon Gardner, Myldred Gardner, Leon Gardner Jr., William Patterson, Pauline Patterson, Herb van Sant, Marie LaRue, Dorothy Crawford, Ardell Ayen and Mildred Hamilton

Given in memory by Jim and Jackie Manford: Paul Stiles, Betty Manford Stiles and Gary Manford

Given in memory by Beverly Putnam: Merle Putnam, Monroe Putnam, Mary Putnam, Jessie Bishop, Frank Bishop, Isabel Putnam, Vicky L. Putnam and Gerald Putnam

Given in memory by Ernie Swartsfigure: Ernie Swartsfigure, Blanche Swartsfigure, Ivan Crump, Harriett Crump, Leo Swartsfigure, Joyce Swartsfigure, Pearl Backus, “Buck” Stowell, Tom LaBrake, Terry Boprey, Tom Boprey, David S. Palmer, Merle Putnam, Floyd Newcombe, Danny Mack, Grandma Wilma Krabil, Edna Newcombe, Mrs. “B” Lois Burnham, Sister Barbara, Chan Planty, Alice Planty, John Newvine, Gaylord John Stiles, Harold L. Phillips, Lis Lumb, Stanely Planty, Margaret Hance, Harry Stiles Jr., Greg Williams, Maynard Planty, Everett Swartsfigure, Ton McManus, Jessie Wainwright, Joe Young, Clarence Burnham and Kyle D. Hartman

Given in memory by Ethel Newcombe: Vicky L. Putnam, June Miller, Merrill Miller, Marian Newcombe, Lawrence Newcombe, Floyd Newcombe, Murray Miller, Edna Newcombe, Dorothy Newvine Newcombe and Earl Newcombe

Given in memory by Linda Cutway: Carl L. Cutway, Louie Z. Cutway, Zelia Cutway, Joseph Cutway, Alice R. Warren, Carolyn Bicklehaupt, Joey R. Warren, Gordon Warren, Howard Warren and Brian Kelly

Given in memory by Bonnie and Carl St. Denny: Dean Storie, Keitha Storie, Duane Storie, Terry Storie, Sally Storie Denicolo, Ken Storie Sr., Diane Storie, St. Denny brothers and sisters and Jessie Wainwright

Given in memory by Mark and Maureen Bomyea: Richard Hogan, Gertrude Hogan, Bernie Hogan, Ray Hogan, Dick Monyea, Shirley Barton, Ethel Backer and Mary Bomyea

Given in memory by Norma Martineau, Karla Kenny, Alan Carpenter and families: Harold Carpenter, Anita Carpenter, Bernice MacMonagle, Lawrence Phillips, Muriel Phillips, Harold Phillips, Roger Phillips, Noble Bennett, Stella Bennett, Ruth Moore, Jack Moore, Ray MacMonagle, Martin Kenny, Bob Kenny, Cindy Caryl and Jim Caryl

Given in memory by Marlene Liscum White: Roy Liscum, Herb Wainwright, Kyle Hartman, Reggie Liscum and Jessie Wainwright

Given in memory by John and Bonnie Danis: Thomas McMannus, Victoria Rosenholtz and Kyle Hartman

Given in memory by Lisa and Steve Hammond: Lois Chase, James Chase, Marge Hammond, Curt Hammond, Mavis Hammond, Terry Hammond, Debbie Downing, Vicky L. Putnam, Donna Friot and Elizabeth Lytle

Given in memory by Ralph Hammond: Marge Hammond, Curtis Hammond, Mavis Hammond, Terry Hammond, Debbie Downing, Jim Chase, Lois Chase, Bill Sanderson, Albert Palmer, Charles Palmer, Lynn Palmer Sr., Don Hammond, Dora Hammond and Mary Deroucher

Given in memory by Sue Davis: Lloyd Clough, Donna Friot, Floyd Newcombe, John Barr, Morgan Gagnon, Gorden Stevens, Lynn Palmer, Donna Parrow, Logan Sibbitts and Kim Galpin

Given in memory by Norma Martineau and family: Harold Carpenter, Anita Carpenter, Muriel Phillips, Robert Kenny, Lee MacMonagle, Roy MacMonagle, Mildred Kenny, Lawrence Phillips, Roger Phillips, Harold Phillips, James Caryl, Cindy Caryl, Lorne Mae Monagle, Noble Bennett, Stella Bennett, Emerson Kenny, Bernice MacMonagle, Martin Kenny, Robert Kenny, Lee MacMonagle, Roy MacMonagle and Mildred Kenny

Given in memory by Linda Liscum: Tony and Annabelle, Herb Wainwright, Jessie Wainwright, “Ruby” Rayta Mathys, Harry Mathys, Roy Liscum and Nettie McDonald Wainwright

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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