CiTi remains committed to helping CTE students advance their education

Welding 2020 graduates recently returned to CiTi complete their hours for certification. Pictured is Oswego graduate Dylon Richards, at left, plasma welding while Zachary Furlong, a Fulton graduate, runs water over a hot piece of metal.

MEXICO — The Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation (CiTi) has remained committed to ensuring all 2019-2020 Career and Technical Education students have the opportunity to complete required hours needed for certifications and exams.

CiTi opened its doors to the main campus in Mexico for the few dozen returning CTE students who both desired and needed that extra time to finish their educational goals since the coronavirus pandemic temporarily closed school buildings from March to September. The group is welcomed on campus each Friday until their required hours are complete for either cosmetology, welding or nursing assistant programs.

Early childhood education instructor Beth Britton assisted her students throughout the summer work toward their credentials. The ECE students needed to complete a Child Development Associate portfolio and reflective dialogue if they were earning their CDA credential and two workshops online for the New York state teaching assistant certificate. The ECE students have until June to complete the work and take the exam in order to earn that credential. They also have until August to take the exam, which could help them earn a NYSTA certificate.

“I enjoyed staying in touch with my graduated seniors over the summer and into the fall since we had such a strange end to the school year last year,” Britton said. “I’ve been happy to help them through this difficult time and offer them guidance and support. My hope for my students is that they not only earn the credentials but go on to reach their goals.”

Meanwhile, returning cosmetology students have been offered to go out on an internship and/or refresher course(s) to be able to obtain the 1000-hour requirement needed before they may take their state exam for their license. Kelly Balcom, a CTE work-based learning coach who was a part of the cosmetology team for returning students, said hours vary based on each returning cosmetology student. They have until the end of the school year to finish those required hours.

Current public safety students collaborated with returning nursing assistant students to offer first aid and CPR assistance to further prepare those students for related certifications. Returning students from both the nursing assistant and welding CTE programs also expressed appreciation to CiTi for affording them the resources to advance their educational and career goals.

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