CiTi welcomes James Cerio as Director of Facilities

CiTi welcomes new director of facilities Jim Cerio.

MEXICO — James Cerio has joined the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation (CiTi) as its Director of Facilities.

Cerio’s appointment follows the retirement of Director of Facilities Wayne Wideman. He came to CiTi with over 32 years of experience in the field and supervisorial experience since he was 19. The lifelong learner said he thrives on new experiences and challenges and working at CiTi perfectly met those goals. Cerio said he has been adapting to the language of education since his work experience has included courts, crime labs, maintenance of high-rise buildings and work in industrial plants.

“I worked with all these different types of functions, but you have to still learn how to be an effective manager,” he said. “Coming here, it’s the building things I know, but there’s a whole new set of ideas and things to learn.”

Operations and maintenance, he said, goes beyond hammers and cleaning. Handling logistics, requests for work orders, cleaning and sanitizing, setting up for events and planning for future seasons and situations are some of the many functions Cerio will supervise. He said taking good care of CiTi’s assets, having the O&M staff embody customer service and maintain a presence in CiTI buildings will help create a better environment for CiTi students and staff.

“My job as director is to tie it all together,” Cerio said. “We also have to be on top of the trends and look around. We have been planning snow removal for a month now and looking at any type of forecast; we have to stay a step ahead.”

Always happy to be a cheerleader for his department, he said he truly has enjoyed working alongside “the best group of people I have worked with.” With his staff’s support, Cerio said all challenges, especially though the temporary building closures, have been interesting, yet eye-opening. As state guidance continues to change, CiTI’s O&M staff stand ready to adapt to those changes with Cerio.

“My team has exceeded every single expectation I have ever had,” he said.

Throughout the next several months, Cerio said he will be busy further adapting to, and enjoying learning about, state education rules for running schools.

Outside of work, he enjoys playing guitar and flipping houses. He has three grown children.

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