Clarkson offers equine management course

Clarkson University will offer a new online equine studies course from Jan. 13 to Feb. 15. Photo Courtesy: Shawn McMillen Photography

POTSDAM — Those interested in learning more about the inner workings of the equestrian industry can sign up for Clarkson’s new online equine studies course, BEA 113: Business and Bias in the Equestrian Industry, from Jan. 13, to Feb. 15.

The course is being taught by Professor Piper Klemm, Ph.D., publisher of The Plaid Horse.

The two-credit-hour course provides students with an intellectual skill set to navigate through and flourish within the equestrian industry and is aimed at educating not only college students but high schoolers, equestrian professionals, equine business owners, and others alike.

Using the interdisciplinary tools of economics, psychology and cultural norms, along with addressing issues of power and justice, the course examines and helps students to understand the inner workings of the equestrian industry. From the micro to the macro environment, Prof. Klemm brings to bear insights from a variety of disciplines to understand patterns within the industry, persistent inequities, and norms and customs that foster irrational decision making. In this era of unparalleled stress to the equine community, she offers college-credit business instruction to pursue future success.

Prof. Klemm is recognized for her commitment to education in the industry. In addition to her college teaching, through The Plaid Horse magazine, the weekly podcast the #Plaidcast, books, articles, speaking engagements, and support of educational pursuits, she puts learning front and center.

The course is a 2 credit course and is transcribed by Clarkson University.

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