Deadline moved back for bids on capital project

Contractors have received an additional week to bid on phase one of the Massena Central School District’s capital project, which will include roof work. Photo courtesy of Massena Central School District

MASSENA — A couple of schedule changes have been made at the request of contractors who want to bid on phase one of the Massena Central School District’s $49.6 million capital project.

Rob Gray from C&S Companies, the construction management firm that’s working with the district on the project, said the deadline for submitting bids had been extended, and some work that would have been completed in 2020 can be carried over to next year.

He said the request for bids didn’t get out as quickly as the company would have liked, partially because of a delay in the review and approval process at the state Education Department.

“I think it probably added three to four weeks to get their review and approval process taken care of,” Mr. Gray said. “The good news is we do have the interest.”

A pre-bid conference was held remotely this week to explain the project to interested contractors.

“It’s a tough time of year to be bidding. A lot of contractors have already lined up work. We tried to make this a very attractive project,” he said.

Still, he said, there was a lot of interest locally.

“There aren’t a lot of players locally for a couple of the contracts that don’t already have their plates full,” Mr. Gray said.

Phase one work is scheduled to begin this summer and will include site work, asbestos abatement and roof replacement or repair.

“As you know, this is not anywhere near the complexity in the building as phase two will be,” he said.

However, he added, some roofing contractors had asked during the pre-bid conference if the bid date of May 23 could be pushed back a week.

“We already planned on a three-week bid date because normally it’s four and usually contractors say, ‘Give me another week or two.’ We said, ‘You know, this is pretty straightforward and there aren’t a lot of subcontracts involved,’” Mr. Gray said.

They originally intended to keep the three-week bid timeline. But other requests to extend the bids came in later. Mr. Gray said they had competitive, quality bidders and they should try to accommodate them.

“They just need a little more time,” he sad.

So the decision was made to move the bid deadline from 3 p.m. May 23 to 3 p.m. May 28.

“The other issue was, if they know they can break the work up into two years, it would make it a lot easier. So we’ve been evaluating that,” Mr. Gray said.

To accommodate contractors, some of the work that was scheduled to be completed this year can now be finished in 2021.

“Now we’re saying, ‘Let’s just take that work and automatically push it into the next year. There’s no scope change. It’s just changing when it gets done,” he said.

The Board of Education had originally been scheduled to accept bids during its May 26 budget hearing. But, because of the extended time for bidding, Superintendent Patrick Brady said the board will need to set up a special meeting for the first week of June to accept the bids.

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