CSMS eighth graders receive special honors

Central Square Middle School eighth-grader Gretchen Wiss, left, shakes hands with CSMS Principal Mathew Penrod prior to receiving her certificates of recognition for being named a top 33 student of her class and a presidential honoree. She was among 56 other CSMS eighth-graders who received various honors during the annual CSMS 8th Grade Awards Ceremony.

CENTRAL SQUARE - Several Central Square Middle School (CSMS) eighth-graders were recently honored with various awards because they achieved academic, attendance and/or character successes.

Fifty-seven, or about 20 percent, of the school’s 280 eighth-graders were presented with those honors during the annual Eighth Grade Awards Ceremony, held in the CSMS cafeteria. Certificates awarded included: Top 33 (for students whose final cumulative average over the first three marking periods put them at the top 33 of their class), Top 33 all three years at CSMS and Presidential Award (students who maintained a 90 average in every marking period in sixth- and seventh-grade, as well as the first three marking periods of eighth-grade).

A special 3-Year Perfect Attendance award was presented to Joele Migliore because the student had not missed an entire day of school throughout grades six through eight at CSMS. The Triple C Award, presented by the Attorney General, was provided to students who exhibited courage, character and commitment while at CSMS. The Four Triple C recipients are: Zahara Burdick, Allison Domachowske, Avrora Korolyuk and Kalie Krohl.

Another award highlight included the Comptroller Award for four students because they were recognized for having shown academic excellence and the potential for leadership through involvement in activities that improved the school or community. Comptroller Award recipients included: Connor Orlando, Grace Roberts, Lilliana Walker and Matthew Stevens.

“Matthew is a very strong leader in our school and he will be missed,” said Pam Winchek, CSMS eight-grade counselor.

She shared various details and accomplishments of all 57 honorees as she presented the various certificates to the students, alongside CSMS Principal Mathew Penrod.

Eighth-grade award honorees include: Emilia Armani, Meadow Auslander, Lance Bardoun, Vincent Bardoun, Sophia Bellows, Shane Berquist, Emily Blenn, Zahara Burdick, Allison D’Aoust, Matthew Davis, Allison Domachowske, Riley Dunn, MaKenna Fullmer, Madison Geesaman, Veronica Guzman, Samantha Haley, Kamryn Hunt, Katie Kees, Isabelle Kennedy, Elaina Kernan, Avrora Korolyuk, Kalie Krohl, Katherine Martin, Alexandria Matteson, Kyle McAllister and Tyler Meigel.

Also honored were: Joele Migliore, Tayler Miller, Ella Monica, Samantha Moran, Abigail Newton, Elizabeth Ngumbi, Brandyn Nystrom, Connor Orlando, Tia Passalaqua, Owen Peck, Jennifer Purdy, Juliet Ransom, Priya Retajczyk, Breanna Ribarovski, Grace Roberts, Kenzie Rumo, Shaun Saunders, Arianna Smolnik, Alexis Snyder, Nina Stalsonberg, Matthew Stevens, Nikolas Strong, Joshua Sundet, Kayla Tarquinio, Audrey Tetrault, Melanie Thonrton, Maria Toleson, Lilliana Walker, Kyle Waskiewicz, Gretchen Wiss and Samantha Young.

Following the ceremony, refreshments were served to honorees and their guests.

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