Fairgrieve students show respect in September

FULTON - Students at Fairgreive Elementary who exhibited respect throughout the month of September were recently honored with the school’s Virtue of the Month award.

One student from each classroom who displayed a sense of worth toward their peers and adults and remained courteous throughout several areas of the school received the special nod from their classroom teacher during a recent Morning Express program. Each honoree also received a “brag tag” from Principal Jean Sampsell to add to their collection.

Honorees, their peers, Fairgrieve staff members and special guests were also treated to the Fourth Grade Glee Club’s first performance of the 2019-2020 school year. Director Hope Lawton said the club will perform during the school’s monthly virtue award honors during Morning Express. For their most recent performance, glee club members sang and offered basic choreography moves to the song “Show Me Some Respect.” Lawton said not everyone has to agree, but respect should always be given to one another.

Awardees in front, from left, are: Nick Parsons, Oakley France, Noella Mann, Sara Horrell and Liliana Burke. In the second row, are: Ami Brooks, Frank Morse, Ethan Hatter, Madelyn Vant, Crystal Robinson and Olivia Wisniewski. In the third row, are: Neveah Sparks, Mason Shatraw, Darren Rockwell, Hailey Niver and Elijah Wilson. In back, are Principal Jean Sampsell and students: Zoe Bechtel, Hadley Young, Austin Fredenburg, Nathan Blake, Max Cunningham and Dominic Harris. Absent from the photo is Ian Crofoot.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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