Fulton City School District welcomes new teachers, staff members

Fulton City School District new staff members are excited to begin the 2019-2020 school year.

FULTON - The Fulton City School District (FCSD) welcomed 27 new staff members for the 2019-2020 school year.

The new employees, across all grade levels and departments, recently attended a three-day orientation event where they were introduced to administrators and members of the Fulton Teachers’ Association, toured the community, learned about instructional coaches, how to best utilize technology in the district, staff expectations and the strategic coherence plan and a plethora of additional topics before they were dismissed on the final day to work in their respective buildings.

Employees recently welcomed to the school district are: Erik Russell and Kristen Budd (elementary teachers at Fairgrieve); Nicholas Tchurckow and Alyssa Bleau (elementary teachers at Granby); Kelly Gates and Ami DiTota (elementary teachers at Lanigan); Jody Sweet (music teacher at Lanigan); Jordan Berrian (counselor at Lanigan); Kristen Bellinger (special education teacher at Volney); Abby Bukowski (library media specialist at Volney); Sarah Paquette (psychologist at Fulton Junior High School and G. Ray Bodley High School); Anthony Puma (special education teacher at Fulton Junior High School (FJHS); Kimberley Ruel (teaching assistant at FJHS); Molly Lenehan (English teacher at FJHS) and Alex Caudana and Christopher Schumann (social studies teachers at FJHS).

Additional new employees include: Ryan Brown (biology teacher at G. Ray Bodley (GRB); Helen (Christie) Love (chemistry teacher at GRB); Ginamarie Liotta (biology teacher at GRB); Charles Clifford (special education teacher at GRB); Danielle Murphy (guidance counselor at GRB); Breanna Soutar (English teacher at GRB); Sandra Motyka (business teacher at GRB); Branden Brown (Spanish teacher at GRB); Laura Kohler (English as a Second Language teacher district-wide); Kayli Maxam (registered nurse floating throughout the district) and Kari Blake (registered nurse at GRB).

In addition, Marc Copani recently moved into the FJHS principalship from GRB and Eric Koproski became assistant principal, while Elizabeth Stoddard transitioned from assistant principal at FJHS to principal of Volney Elementary and Nathan Murray became an assistant principal at GRB.

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