FJHS administrators award students with perfect attendance honors

Fulton Junior High School students who were awarded with perfect attendance honors.

Fulton Junior High School (FJHS) students who never missed a day of school, were dismissed early, arrived late or were tardy to homeroom throughout the first marking period of the 2019-2020 school year were treated to a one-month youth membership to the Fulton Family YMCA.

The new partnership between FJHS and the local YMCA provides perfect attendance students with expanded offerings to enhance their physical, social and emotional growth. FJHS Principal Marc Copani challenged each seventh- and eighth-grader to be on the perfect attendance list as they ready for the three remaining quarters of the school year. Both maintaining their spot on the list and encouraging peers to attend school on time, each day and all day will allow the students to maximize their in-classroom learning.

Seventh-grade perfect attendance honorees include: Alyssa Bort, Aidan Bowman, Michael Buchanan, Mya Carroll, Brody Chace, Cassandra Clarke, Donovan Collins, Joseph Cortini, Bailey DePoint, Alyssa Durval, Logan Fitzgerald, Savanna Flynn, Elianna Fowler, Elijah Halstead, Cole Havens, Jacob Hotaling, Vivian Hotaling, Akeylla Janes, Anthony Knopp, Avery Lawton, Madison Lewis, Madeline Ligoci, Kathryn McCleery, Ryan McLoughlin, Savannah Mirabito, Colten Norton, Abbie Payment, Xander Perry, Timothy Piano Jr., Alejandrina Rodriguez, Karina Santana, Daniel Schremp, Sarah Shatrau, Nicholas Smith, Dakota Wells-Cali and Audrey White.

Perfect attendance recognition was also provided to the following eighth-graders: Paige Ball, Nickolas Barbagallo, Amanda Barry, Laura Bartlett, Sara Belrad, Matthew Brown, Tyler Bryant, Jillian Calaman, Charlie Chen, Sawyer Clark, Xavier Contois, Dereck Curtis, Molly Evans, Kayla Frost, Donald Gates, Nathan Gioia, Tristan Graham, Kayleigh Griffis, Kyler Haggerty, Ella Halladay, Jasmine Heywood, Bryanna Howard, Zoey Kerr, Joshua King, Caleb Lantrip, Tyler Lovejoy, Rebekah May, Ciara Orr, Cooper Pike, Dominick Reidell, Mia Rodriguez, Ethan Rogan, Cody Romanowicz, Gabbriella Runge, Shawn Seelman, Melanie Lynne Strecker, Ashley Taplin and Zayne Williamson.

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