Massena school officer job post gets 4 responses

MASSENA — Four individuals have applied for the new school resource officer position that will start this fall in the Massena Central School District.

“The deadline for applications was Monday, the 24th. We have four qualified candidates,” Superintendent Patrick Brady said.

The school district and village of Massena are working jointly on bringing a school resource officer to the district.

They were seeking an active or retired officer from a local, state or federal police agency to serve as a “special patrol officer” within the district. Applications were sent to the school district.

Mr. Brady said the next step is a Friday meeting of a joint hiring committee, which had been created between the district and village.

“That committee is meeting on Friday of this week to screen the applicants and prepare the scheduling of interviews. We’re looking to try to get interviews set up during the first week of July. The goal is to move this forward expeditiously and have them interview the first week of July,” he said.

He said they’re aiming to have a recommendation for village trustees to consider when they meet in July, and to have the officer in place for the start of the school year. That will give the individual time to get acclimated and possibly undergo some training.

The school resource officer will become a village employee.

“They will be a bona fide officer of the Massena Police Department. They will go through the same training as any other officer in that department, as well as special training for school resource officers,” Mr. Brady said.

He said everything was on schedule for the hiring.

“We’re very pleased that this is coming together nicely for us,” he said.

During its meeting in April, the district’s Board of Education approved the agreement with the village. The one-year agreement runs from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 and would need to be renewed annually, likely in June.

The individual will be paid a daily rate of $166.66, totaling $29,998 for the year. The district is using federal grant funding to pay for the position.

The district previously had a school resource officer — then-Patrolman Patrick J. Serguson, whose salary was paid by both the school and the village.

The position was abolished in 2007 because the village and school district no longer had the funding to sustain it.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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(3) comments

A Dodger

A retired officer ? Someone younger would be more relatable and approachable to the kids. Others can use the work and not just supplement their already decent retirement. It's hard to get a good field of candidates when the good ol boys narrow it down to just a few.


More double dipping. Massena is full of double dippers who have retired and returned to government in different positions. This position pays enough for a young family man to survive on but instead its given to a double dipper. Shame on Massena, NY.


In recent years just in the North Country two different “school resource officers” have gotten in trouble for inappropriate relations with female students. So we have spend hundreds of thousands in tax dollars for these postions and the result is two girls being harmed and millions in lawsuits. We can’t afford Republican paranoia any more.

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