GRB students earn scholarships during virtual ceremony

FULTON — The annual G. Ray Bodley High School (GRB) awards ceremony provided several students with the collective scholarship and monetary assistance up to nearly $1.4 million in support of their educational dreams.

A first-of-its-kind virtual event, the traditional ceremony was divided into three nights to announce book award and scholarship winners, department honors and the top 25 students of each class.

GRB Principal Donna Parkhurst said the recognized students have not only excelled in their knowledge, they also have become leaders in their community.

“Our students and honorees have distinguished themselves as role models for their peers because of their character, work ethic and talents,” she said. “The staff at G. Ray Bodley High School have observed them on the fields and courts, on the stage, and in the classroom dedicating themselves to consistently doing their best. On behalf of the staff and administration, I wish to thank you and your family members for bringing pride to G. Ray Bodley High School and to the Fulton community. We wish you continued success.”

GRB administration then announced several students who received accolades for their leadership, dedication, academic achievement, character, perseverance and community service. For their efforts, recipients earned either a book, monetary award or scholarship commitment.

Some of the notable honors include: The Challenge Award, with a $100 check sponsored by the Fulton Teachers’ Association, to Alexis Loomis because she had shown exceptional growth in the last four years; The Attorney General Triple “C” Award” to Reagan LaPage and Alexis Ingersoll because they had embodied commitment, character and courage; The Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology to junior Anthony Epolito because of his strong interest in IT. Epolito’s award came with a scholarship commitment up to $40,000 throughout four years to the University of Rochester.

Scholarships up to $160,000 to Clarkson University were awarded, as was two for up to $80,000 each to Elmira College, among several additional honors for students.

The second virtual awards night featured presenters from each department who honored students for their academic improvements, achievements and excellence throughout the 2019-2020 school year and beyond.

Recognized on night three were the following top 25 students of each class:

Top 25 freshmen: Megan Acker, Riley Lunn, Ryan Carroll, Harper McClave, Sabrina Carvey, Kyra Merritt, Sam Cotton, Olivia Metcalf, Madelyn Delano, Iz Moxley, Ava Demars, Bryce Noel, Ethan Demars, William Patterson V., Braeden DePoint, Alexis Pettit, Tanner Emmons, Nicholas Shaw, Rose LaDue, Shayla Sykes, Mali Lamanna, Caitlin Todt, Sutter Lewin, Laura-Anne Vayo and Reagan Lunn.

Top 25 sophomores: Quinn Backenstross, Joann LeVea, Claire Broderick, Abigail Mainville, Isabella Cary, Madison Majeski, Mackenzie Coant, Rebekah Manwaring, Shawn Cornell, Lydia Mirabito, Megan Flint, Channing Noel, Quincy Gagnon, De’Nayah Orr, Lydia Gigliotti, Jolie Painter, Quinn Halstead, Grace Porter, Alexis Ingersoll, Nicolas Schremp, Mary Jerred, Rebecca Stone, Paige Kingsley, Christina Tallents and Melin Lamanna.

Top 25 juniors: Justin Atwater, Jacob Holmes, Sidney Bradshaw, Kaylee Hutchins, Brandi Carr, Jessica LaPage, Bryce Carroll, Samantha McRae, Zach Eggleton, Hope Mirabito, Malie Follet, Devon Nicholson, Olivia Forsyth, Alexa Patterson, Skyler Gibson, Sean Prock, Lauren Goss, Emma Weaver, Emily Grant, Brenna Wells, Kyleigh Halligan, Akeyva Wright, Olivia Hawthorne, Alena Wright and Ella Henderson.

Top 25 seniors: Nathaniel Archer, Alexis Lighthall, Rebecca Bailey, Alicia Merritt, Brittney Baum, Leah O’Hanlon, Samuel Cary, Emily Porter, Harry Chen, Mandee Price, Kaylee Foster, Hayden Sachel, Madison Gilmore, Anna-Carole Samson, Heidie Hall, Devon Seale, Trevor Hartle-Knapp, Andrew Smith, Chloe Hurlbut-Shepard, Jacob Summerville, Jessica Hyman, Mark Tallents, Sydney Lawson, Kira Whitehead and Jadon Lee.

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