Granby students receive forgiveness honors

Forgiveness award honorees at Granby Elementary School with their certificates of recognition.

GRANBY - Several students at Granby Elementary School were recognized during a recent school assembly as having been willing to forgive throughout the month of January.

Certificates of recognition were presented to each honoree because they were observed by their classroom teachers as having the compassion and grace to let some things go and to positively move on with certain situations or experiences. The accolades were presented to the following students: Emmalynn Reynolds, Caleb Kasperek, Serafina O’Bryan, Ian Soto Alvarez, Emilyna Ramos, Hunter Smith, Kyleigh Sheldon, Justin Ramirez-Abrams, Fiona Moroz, Andrew Hayes, Sophia Gerard, Alexandria Raponi, Oliver Wheeler, Madison Hood, Benjamin Wilson, Elliana Hotchkiss, Michael Blair, Hannah Spaziano, Eli Dominguez, Bailey Frost, Connor Scanlon, Trinity O’Bryan, Brian Barr Jr., Drake Bennett, Chance Toro, Jayden Kring, Riley Trude, Jack Graham, Kelly Shafer, Lydia Howard and Thomas Richardson Jr.

Additional honorees include: Morgan Ingison, Destiny Cooper, Kamryn Nichols, Joshua Niles, Maria Donahue, Bryelle Bentley, Alkasim Harbi, Olyvia Berry, Jada Gamlen, Parker Nesbitt, Isabelle Kimball and Mya Parkhurst.

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