GRB announces co-valedictorians for the Class of 2020

G. Ray Bodley High School Principal Donna Parkhurst, front, stands before the GRB Class of 2020 co-valedictorians Emily Porter and Sam Cary after she gave the pair the traditional red and white carnations upon the announcement that they were the top two students of their class.

FULTON — G. Ray Bodley High School’s (GRB) top two students of the Class of 2020 are Emily Porter and Sam Cary.

High school administrators decided that since the two seniors’ grade point averages were just .06 percent apart, Porter and Cary would be named co-valedictorians. Principal Donna Parkhurst said she couldn’t be prouder of GRB’s top two students for all their academic, social and community achievements.

While school remains in session as buildings are closed to protect the health and safety of students and staff, the announcement was made via an online Zoom meeting, in which Fulton City School District administrators, teachers, support staff members and students joined for the monumental occasion. During the video chat, Parkhurst said she was impressed with Porter’s hard work and dedication to everything she does and her willingness to take chances, among several other praises. Parkhurst also commended Cary for always challenging himself at the highest levels and recalled when he told his seventh-grade counselor he wanted to get into the field of medicine and as he prepares to graduate GRB he has continued to chase that dream.

The tradition of Parkhurst handing carnations in the school colors of red and white didn’t fade, as Porter and Cary then met GRB administrators outside of the high school. Everyone practiced social distance measures and utilized masks for the traditional photo with Parkhurst.

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