Hannibal High School’s new marching band to be in firemen’s parade

A notice about the Hannibal Marching Band posted on Facebook.

HANNIBAL - Soon a new marching band decked out in Hannibal purple will be taking to the streets for parades and other events.

Hannibal Central School District Superintendent Christopher Staats said a new marching band is being formed and will be part of the Hannibal Firemen’s Field Days Parade at 7 p.m. Aug. 15.

“We welcomed a new music teacher, Cynsy Plant, who had an idea for a new band,” Staats said. “The idea is to have the marching band for the firemen’s parade and to perform as a pep band for football and girls’ and boys’ basketball games.”

Staats said the district is looking for any high school students who want to participate in the band.

“There has been a lot of excitement with the students,” Staats said.

Plant, director of the new Warrior Marching Band, said she was looking around a loft storage area last summer as she prepared for her first year of teaching in Hannibal.

“I climbed up there and found all this equipment, uniforms,” she said. “I said ‘there must have been a marching band here at one time.’”

Since the uniforms and equipment were there, she thought “why don’t we have a marching band again?”

Plant’s background in band started in middle school outside Chicago. She began playing instruments in fourth grade and then was always involved in middle school and high school in marching band, jazz band, concert band and even steel drum ensemble.

Her primary instrument was the euphonium and other low pitched brass instruments.

Plant said she isn’t sure how many students there will be for the marching band and color guard since the band was approved after school let out for the summer. There will be a weeklong band camp to prepare for the parade from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Aug. 7-14 and Plant said she is hoping for a large turnout of kids for camp.

Band camp is mandatory for anyone who wants to be in the Hannibal Firemen’s parade.

“We have a lot of new equipment and we want to show it off along with our Hannibal spirit in Hannibal’s own parade,” states a post on Facebook. “And don’t play an instrument? No problem — join the Warrior Color Guard to learn how to spin flags and rifles.”

Staats and Plant said members of the community also are excited about the new band. Some remember back when Hannibal had a marching band, before financial difficulties in the district resulted in some programs being cut.

“Yeah, I remember marching in Volney, Granby and Hannibal parades as part of the Warrior Marching Band wearing our purple and white with the white cowboy hats and huge purple plumes ... I’m so excited now I definitely am going to the parade,” commented one person on Facebook.

Another said: “That’s wonderful. Glad to see our marching band back. Thank you to the people that did this.”

Anyone who wants to find out more about the band or sign up can email Plant at cplant@hannibalcsd.org

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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