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PHILADELPHIA — With much debate swirling around the topic of a 20% reduction in state funding for local municipalities or public schools, according to Indian River Central School District Business Manager Audrey Stevenson, the district has already had $1 million withheld from its payments.

While she noted there are some semantics involved, she said for anyone saying the 20% is not being withheld, she’d love for them to hand the district the $1 million that’s been withheld from it so far.

“This is a reality,” she said as part of a financial reserve report for the district’s Board of Education during its Thursday meeting. “We’re hoping that maybe in our September state aid payment they will make up for it — maybe it was a cash flow issue, and maybe in September we will receive that extra 20% for the five payments we received that have withheld 20%.

“But I just want it to be clear that it is being withheld and we have experienced it in several different state aid payments,” she added.

Ms. Stevenson’s next presentation for the Board of Education will include some different scenarios of what next year’s budget could look like if the 20% reduction continues all year, or if there is a 14% reduction all year.

Some of those types of scenarios will show not just what it would mean to the district for next year’s budget, but what it means for the next three to five years.

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Schools were closed for 6 months that should be at least 20% in savings.


Typically 70% of the budget is staffing costs.. which didn't change.. albeit there certain had to be some savings....

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