Jefferson Community College fall graduates


John Winfield Cobb — individual studies

Brandie Rae Kline — nursing

Theresa Margaret Pratt — accounting

Casey Lee Stevens — humanities and social sciences

Natalie Eileen Tucker — humanities and social sciences

Adams Center

Stephanie Leigh Bolton — individual studies

Tarick B. Clemons — humanities and social sciences

Makaila Leigh Houghton — nursing

Heidi Lynn O’Brien — nursing

Alexandria Bay

Emma Anne Kearns — physical education


Makaela Corinne Sloan — individual studies

Beaver Falls

Joshua Brian Olmstead — individual studies

Black River

Aaron Scott Cheeseman — business administration

Griffin Stephen DeForest — early childhood

Sarah Anne Jones — humanities and social sciences

Shykim McMullen — humanities and social science


Marisa Clair Domeyer — criminal justice

Jeffrey Shaw Martin — human services

Freshta Sharifi — business administration

Cape Vincent

Karley Theresa Mason — business administration


Alyssa Marie Aza — nursing

Jessica Bailey — chemical dependency and human services

Danny R. Bearley — humanities and social sciences

Casey Marie Burns — business administration

Benjamin Paul Decker — individual studies

Rodrick Winston Groce — individual studies

Elexys Desiree Larson — early childhood

Daria Elizabeth Mahan — humanities and social sciences

Nataley L. Richardson — nursing

Haley Nicole Rucker — nursing

Patricia L. Waldner — individual studies


Asia Maria Compton — humanities and social sciences

Adam Gordon Peters — mathematics and science-science

Andrew Roes — criminal justice


Siera Robbins — physical education


Lisa Marie Briles — paralegal

Keira Lynne Cipullo — early childhood

Sarah Marie Putnam — early childhood


Dawson William Kiser — individual studies


Amber Lynn Bancroft — human services

Alexandra Nicole Greene — humanities and social sciences

Lukas Isaac Sullivan — humanities and social sciences

James Donald Uhlinger III — childhood education


Molly Jo Martin — hospitality and tourism-hotel and restaurant management


Julia Christine Gilfillan — criminal justice

Kennedy Alexis Thruston — chemical dependency

Andrew John Van Houten — business administration

Katelyn Mae Williams — mathematics and science-science

Evans Mills

Khyeshia Burrell — individual studies

Charlotte Marie Hicks — human services

Javier Jimenez — humanities and social sciences

Brittney Lynn McClain — individual studies

Faiza Lynda Ouedraogo — accounting

Miranda Phillips — humanities and social sciences

Adriana Pinzon-Malaver — office technologies-medical

Nicholas M. Robinson — agri-business

Nadra Latoya Whyte-Robinson — human services

Felts Mills

Abigail Cleora Hermanowski — mathematics and science — allied health and biological sciences

Fort Drum

Megan Ashley Aguilar — nursing

Jasmin De La Garza — criminal justice

Takemia Kelly — business administration

Brittany Marie Lapointe — business administration

Pamela Lindsay — paralegal

Marcus Dwayne Nicholson — homeland security

Glen Park

Marci Lynn Jones — business administration

Helen Inez Witham Washer — office technologies-medical


Austin Michael Newman — individual studies


Gerie Lynn Palmer — psychology

Diane Marie Toppin — early childhood


Peter Pease — individual studies

Mason Joseph Rogers — hospitality and tourism-hotel and restaurant management


Alyssa Vivian Maria Nappi — human services


David Michael Hennigan — mathematics


Meghann Gough Black — nursing

Emily Grace Ford — office technologies-medical

Sarah Ellen Lindsay — human services and criminal justice

Kyleigh Marie Storozow — individual studies

Alexandra Jo Williams — individual studies


Karlee Rae Wood — psychology


Karla A. Searl — individual studies

Lyons Falls

Esther K. Kilbourn — office technologies-administrative assistant

Natural Bridge

Austin Joseph Faulk — criminal justice


Shane Michael Moyer — business administration

Kara Jo Willard — chemical dependency


Margaret Ellen Blodgett — individual studies


Kollin James Hardy — business administration

Michael Lee Harris — business administration

Daniel James Hutchison — fire protection technology

Emily Marie Lapp — zoo technology

Rachel K. Martin — business administration

Lenaira Marie Montalvo Santiago — humanities and social sciences

Pierrepont Manor

Lynette Rose Case — humanities and social sciences


Allison M. Burrows — accounting


Kayla Marie Side — mathematics and science-science


Kristina M. Miller — chemical dependency

Alex VanRy — humanities and social sciences


Kallie Anna Burnash — business administration

Sackets Harbor

Trevor M. Blackford — business administration

John Milton Dintelmann — fire protection technology

Jennifer E. Van Ness — human services

Seneca Falls

Kelly Thompson — zoo technology


Alicia Nicole Albro — business administration

Riley Elizabeth Catlin — human services

Rachel Anne Filkins — homeland security

Miranda Dawn Schell — psychology

Camryn Sarah Twiss — humanities and social sciences


Victoria Irene Anderson — zoo technology

Tiffany Beach — mathematics and science — allied health

Preece Bond — computer info technology

Jesse E. Bonilla — criminal justice

Ricardo Antonio Carrasco — humanities and social sciences

Angelica Diane Casillas — individual studies

Danielle Castillo – A.S. business administration

Trevor Sheldon Chamberlain — business sdministration

Teoni Marie Clacks — human services

Alicia Lynn Clark — individual studies

Stephen Clemons — chemical dependency and human services

Randy Shomari Cromwell — individual studies

Marissa Raye Cruz — humanities and social sciences

Chloe Elizabeth Davis — humanities and social sciences

Walter Dodard II — business administration

Taylor Makenzi Endres — nursing

Megan N. Ennenga — psychology

Kristoffer Lanar Fultz — sports management

Jazmine Irean Granger — criminal justice

Nathaniel Robert Greene — mathematics and science — allied health

Roy Charles Guilder Jr. — hospitality and tourism-culinary arts

Emily M. Hewitt — business administration

Kayla Melina Hicks — mathematics and science-science

Amario Jermaal Jones — business administration

Dawson Caleb Jones — accounting

Nora C. Kruger — nursing

Justis Nathaniel LaFazia — computer info technology

Gabriel LaFex — business administration

Mikayla Nicole McCarty — chemical dependency

Matthew Donald McLean — business administration

Jaime Christie Messenger — individual studies and hospitality and tourism

Hanna M. Misercola — early childhood

Damien Christian Morrow — humanities and social sciences

Ashley Lynne Murray — hospitality and tourism-hotel and restaurant management

Andrew J. Naklick — fire protection technology

Hong Nguyen — business administration

Jason C. Robbins — fire protection technology

Taylor Anne Roes — computer info technology

Scott Andrew Rogers — individual studies

Alexis Javed Ruiz Arroyo — humanities and social sciences

Breanna Marie Scott — psychology Stewart Richard Shannon — humanities and social sciences

Cameron Sheitz — mathematics and science — allied health and biological sciences

Rogelio Silva — individual studies

Colton James Snyder — mathematics and science-science

Courtney Mariah Steen — early childhood

Paige Elizabeth Stevens — humanities and social sciences

Kayla Linn Struncius — human services

Ashley Lynn Towsley — childhood education

Timothy Allen Towsley — accounting

Bridget Marie Veal — nursing

Nicholas Dustin Vecchio — business administration

Hunter Kabat Whitney — criminal justice

Jenna Melissa Wilson — childhood education

Amy Colleen Wonderly — nursing

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