JCC holds first virtual commencement

From left: Madison Riley, Jessica Riley, Jamie Riley and Jacob Riley sit together inside their Philadelphia home Friday night while watching JCC’s first-ever virtual graduation ceremony. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times

Jefferson Community College Graduates

The following north country residents graduated from Jefferson Community College, Watertown:

Associate Degree


Joseph David Carl Henry, computer information systems

Hannah Marie Mason, humanities and social sciences — psychology

Noah Steven Newton, computer science

Sydnie B. Plamondon, humanities and social sciences — creative writing

Matthew John Sullivan, humanities and social sciences — psychology

Cady Eliza Weller, humanities and social sciences

Cassie Louise Ziegler, human services

Adams Center

Monica Leigh Abbate, childhood education

Logan Daniel Rogers, accounting

Ashley Ann Slate, accounting

Shelby N. Stephenson, individual studies

Alexandria Bay

Lindsey M. Bradley, criminal justice

Paige Elaine DeRocher, nursing

Serenity May Neuroth, computer information technology

Norileen Receipt, business administration

Emilie M. Walti, business administration


Sherry Marie Harmer, humanities and social sciences — psychology

William Douglas McDonnell, criminal justice

Black River

Savanna Mia Baker, humanities and social sciences

Lauren Anne Eddy, nursing

Christopher Garbutt, humanities and social sciences

Brier Hill

Alyson Britney Crosby, humanities and social sciences

Shaylyn Ashley Kasper, physical education


Zachary Ford Barker, humanities and social sciences

Jacob Mark Heller, individual studies

Hannah Elizabeth McManaman, nursing

Kyle Robert Nichols, allied health biological sciences — natural sciences

Jasper Samuel Russell, mathematics and science — science


Marcelino Avelar, individual studies

Anthony Michael Demarco, early childhood

Baylee E. Fust, individual studies

Demetrie James Maccue, mathematics and science — allied health and biological sciences

Jeffrey Shaw Martin, human services

Jessica Lee McGimsey, nursing

Brian Mee, criminal justice

Elena Sanchez, individual studies

Holly Lynn Windover, chemical dependency and human services

Cape Vincent

Eliza Marie Aubertine, business administration

Ivey Maria Cantwell, human services

Ashlyn Leigh Eyles, individual studies

Patrick Francis Knapp, mathematics and science — allied health and biological sciences

Paul David Stewart, individual studies


Katie Louise Augustine, human services

Danny R. Bearley, humanities and social sciences

Celeste Rose Cook, humanities and social sciences — literature

Loren Anne Fontaine, chemical dependency

Rodrick Winston Groce, individual studies

Jon Thomas Hardy, humanities and social sciences — psychology

Karla Louise Hoistion, human services

LaNelda Dawn Lundgren, office technologies — administrative assistant

Ryanne Marie Monaghan, humanities and social sciences

Sonne Elise Ortiz, humanities and social sciences

Jaymee Lee Reynolds, individual studies

Natalie Renee Scheiderich, humanities and social sciences

Madison Lee Scott, business administration


Joshua Stuart Valentine, humanities and social sciences


Kody Lee Beach, business administration

Briel Patricia Faircloth, childhood education

Siera Robbins, physical education

Nyckolas Carl Tolson-Seery - A.S. Allied Health Biological Sciences – Natural Sciences


Hayden James Barton, criminal justice

Hunter John Barton, criminal justice

Hannah Kristine Cupernall, childhood education

McKay Madeline Fulmer, mathematics and science

Dawson L. Hays, engineering science

Sydney G. Hunter, criminal justice

Grace Anne Knapp, criminal justice

Mckenzie Leigh Kuellertz, chemical dependency

Taylor Scott Matthews, humanities and social sciences — creative writing

Mia Racheal Morgia, nursing

McKenzi M. Peabody, nursing

Madison Shammas, individual studies


Remmington Sabo Johnson, humanities and social sciences — creative writing

Caleb Andrew Moser, engineering science and mathematics

Skylar L. Muncy, mathematics and science — physical science

Alec K. Rich, physical education

Eryn Nicole Terry, humanities and social sciences

Grace Lynn Walker, nursing

Sarah Marie Wilder, business administration


Indy Stone Martin, criminal justice

Brianna Joy Oneill, hospitality and tourism — culinary arts

Tabitha Renee Tabolt, agri-business


Kimberly Lynn Call, office technologies — administrative assistant

Shaun David Cuddeback, criminal justice

Hunter Hall, humanities and social sciences

Christopher Scott Hilts, criminal justice

Erin Makenzie Jones, business administration

Logan Michael Kampnich, criminal justice

Patrick James Koelmel, humanities and social sciences

Brooke Alecta Mahon, mathematics and science — allied health and biological sciences

Reece Phillip Modlin, humanities and social sciences — psychology

Tanya M. Pew, human services

Emily M. Rogers, business administration

Julia Nichole Salaun, humanities and social sciences

Brendon Murphy Scordo, criminal justice

Sarah Elizabeth Wallace, individual studies

Michalina Jane Weishew, humanities and social sciences — psychology


Madison Leigh Gordinier, childhood education

Evans Mills

Liam M. Bonk, humanities and social sciences

Meisha Leigh Daka, nursing

Mackenzie E. Doxtater, humanities and social sciences

Ashley Brit Fischer, accounting and business administration

Kimberly Suzanne Fortenberry, humanities and social sciences

Logan Connor Fuller, criminal justice

Sierra Jordan LaClair, human services

Dulce Maria Myers, individual studies

Nicholas O. Perkins, computer information technology

Kayla Marie Stockman, nursing

Antonio S. Wilson, computer science and mathematics

Felts Mills

Jessica L. Oliver, allied health biological sciences — natural sciences

Fort Drum

Rudolf Burgherr III, humanities and social sciences

Rachel Marie Caylor, individual studies

Daysha Hope Clodfelter Smith, individual studies

Alexandra Ryann Crawford, nursing

Amanda Marie Crofutt, early childhood

Brandi Jean Crutchfield, nursing

Marcos Cruz, nursing

Amy Katelyn Drake, nursing

Jessica Graham, nursing

Margaret P. Hallinan, nursing

Juana Nicole Hull, nursing

Jennifer Lynn Richardson, paralegal

Sarah Evelyn Severson, nursing

Karl Montgomery Sieberns, criminal justice

Felix Velazquez, individual studies


Bree Lynne Farina, human services

Glen Park

Kyle Ethan Paquette, computer science


Kiaya Alexis Flynn, humanities and social sciences — psychology

Taylor A. Haggerty, humanities and social sciences

Austin Michael Newman, computer information systems

Joshua Scott Newman, childhood education


Shea-Marie Mussaw, humanities and social sciences — psychology

McKenna Ruby Simmons, humanities and social sciences


Nikol Marie Turner, chemical dependency and human services


Erica Jean Dixon, business administration

Crystal L. Johnson, hospitality and tourism — culinary arts


Leigha Ann LaParr, childhood education

Tori Lynn LaParr, childhood education

Abigail Marie LaPlatney, early childhood


Alicia Rose Shepard, agri-business

Katelyn Ida VanBrocklin, human services


Jack Daniel Lake, fire protection technology


Corey Joseph Basile, criminal justice

Stephanie G. Eriacho, physical education

Todd Michael Johnson, nursing

Sarah Ellen Lindsay, criminal justice

Parker Stephen Morse, individual studies

Elizabeth Jean Robbins, criminal justice

Mellisa Mana Russell, humanities and social sciences


Alison Armida Cecconi, early childhood

Zachery M. Gould, humanities and social sciences

Trevor Daniel Lehman, humanities and social sciences

Isaiah A. Matteson, engineering science

Cierra RaeAnne McGrath, individual studies

Andrew Mclean, homeland security

Nicole Elizabeth O’Connor, physical education

Storm Alexis Turck, humanities and social science — Psychology and business administration

Kristy Marie Vance, individual studies

Lyons Falls

Amanda Lynn Denslow, accounting


Grace Elizabeth Gehrke, humanities and social sciences

Jalynne Maree Granger, individual studies

Johnna M. Perry, nursing

Emma Rae Vaughn, humanities and social sciences — creative writing


Mikenna Merry, physical education

Skyler Dee Trumble, criminal justice

Natural Bridge

Taylor Leann Johnson, early childhood


Maddison Michelle Sochia, hospitality and tourism — culinary arts


Chelsey Rae Raven, humanities and social sciences


Amanda Lorraine Giaquinto, business administration

Angela M. Hardy, individual studies

Amanda Nicole Mullins, criminal justice

Korrine Marie Patterson, physical education

Megan Lynn Payne, humanities and social sciences

Jessica Riley, early childhood and certificate early childhood

Pierrepont Manor

Lynette Rose Case, humanities and social sciences

Port Leyden

Alyssa Brianne Evans, humanities and social sciences


Heather Beth Gage, zoo technology

Casey Jacob Hargrave, criminal justice

Joshua M. Kachurak, humanities and social sciences


Kayla Marie Side, childhood education and mathematics and science — science


Dana Elizabeth Mae Cowles, nursing

Caitlin Ann-Sherrier Grove-Rose, human services

Brianna Hall, childhood education

Kylie Shea Moulton, accounting

Sackets Harbor

Bailey Elizabeth Boulton, nursing

Jonathan Andrew Brown, individual studies

John Milton Dintelmann, fire protection technology

Natalia Ososkalo, individual studies

Bianca Marie Rios, humanities and social sciences, psychology

Elizabeth Lorraine Robinson, business administration


Cara Aguirre, business administration

Brooke Christine Booth, humanities and social sciences

Randi Lynn Davis, childhood education

Allison Elizabeth Lange, humanities and social sciences

Kelsey Michael McIntyre, humanities and social sciences

Tiffany Leighann Varin, office technologies — medical

Destiny P. Walker, business administration


Virginia Rose Hungerford, early childhood

Dawson William Kiser, engineering science

Elizabeth W. McGuire, individual studies


Nayana Ololade Abisogun, individual studies

Lily Talitha Adkins, humanities and social sciences

Jenna Rae Amo, individual studies

Marie Salette Nathalie Augustin, criminal justice

Seth Daniel Bacher, hospitality and tourism — hotel and restaurant management

Teresa Kelly Bates, individual studies

Kaitlyn Blackmore, humanities and social sciences

Cody Allen Bresette, business administration

Noel P. Burnett, individual studies

Cassandra Ann Cannan, accounting and business administration

Lam Chan, business administration

Logan Garett Christopher, engineering science

Jason Daniel Clacks Jr., humanities and social sciences — psychology

Natalie Alexis Cole — nursing

Mikayla Elizabeth Connell, humanities and social sciences

Chelsea Nicole Coss, office technologies — administrative assistant

Nicholas Joseph Dano, computer information systems

Kayla Kathleen Davis, individual studies

Walter Dodard II, business administration

Patricia Dawn Dorr, chemical dependency and human services

Nicholas Joseph Drouse, computer information technology

Morgan Eggleston, human services

Sarah Marie Ellen Ellis-Folsom, humanities and social sciences — psychology

Derek Michael Evans, individual studies

Kendra Lynne Fone, human services

Shawn Christopher Fountain, allied health biological sciences — natural sciences

Ryan Michael-Carter Gallo, individual studies

Carolina Garcia Barragan, humanities and social sciences

Sean Michael Gildea, criminal justice

Matthew Michael Grant, criminal justice

Dylan James Harra, criminal justice

Alyce Nichole Harris, office technologies — medical

Larkin Briana Harvey, business administration

Jay Walter Holland, accounting

Joshua David Hunt, humanities and social sciences

Katrina Marie Johnson, nursing

Dawson Caleb Jones, business administration

Kasandra Leahanna Keene, individual studies

Kristen Elizabeth Kinne, early childhood

Jordan Michael Kleinschmidt, human services

Eamonn Daragh Donal LaDue, business administration

Matthew Jon LaJuett, mathematics and science — science

Samantha Mae Lawrence, human services

Courtney E. Lillie, nursing

Jacob Liam Maloney, humanities and social sciences

Sarah Alice Maphey, humanities and social sciences

Hannah Rae Martini, early childhood

Jazmynn Ariel Miller, nursing

Bobbie Jo Monaghan, individual studies

Christian Lewis Montana, business administration

Crystal D. Moran, humanities and social sciences

Keira L. Morgia-Horning, human services

Matthew James Morrison, individual studies

Damien Christian Morrow, humanities and social sciences

Jahna Casey Mott, humanities and social sciences — psychology

Matthew Jacob Nasworthy, humanities and social sciences

Celeste Donkia Pabon, nursing

Jameelea Shakera Palmer, mathematics and science — allied health

Shalynn Marie Paro, chemical dependency

Klarissa Jean Parsons, nursing

Jeffery Lynn Paul Jr., individual studies

Nola Tyne Pominville, nursing

Kristin Nichole Prichard, criminal justice

Eduardo Ramos, individual studies

Makenna Leigh Reardon, accounting

Donald Ray Roberts, mathematics and science — science

Marisa Abigail Safford, humanities and social sciences

Julie Marie Sensenbach, accounting

Ian Charles Shaw, individual studies

Brianna Kaden-Amree Sibley, early childhood

Elizabeth A. Smith, early childhood

Sadie Nicole Smith, hospitality and tourism — culinary arts

Kayla Sutton, early childhood

Mara Nicole Sutton, humanities and social sciences

Alexavier T. Taper-Smith, individual studies

Alex Thomas, agri-business

Tricia Maryellen Vancamp, individual studies

Joseph Andrew Wargo, sports management

Joshua Aaron West, mathematics and science — allied health and biological sciences

Megan Marie Wilson, nursing

Alexander Justin Wiseman, computer information technology

Kylie Rayann Wood, human services

Alexandra Montgomery Woodruff, mathematics and science — allied health and biological sciences

Madison Yott, humanities and social sciences — psychology

Rebecca Young, criminal justice

Cheynne Marie Youngs, nursing



Moriah Teresa McGhee, accounting


June Lucille Desormeau, early childhood


Jessica Riley, early childhood


Kassandra Lee Walrath, accounting

Star Lake

Wanda Jean Bush, chemical dependency


Craig Neil Frederick, chemical dependency

Melissa Siddall, teaching assistant

Kadira Taffa-Childers, accounting

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