What happens to the coronavirus when it stops spreading? Does it disappear?

Sophia, 11

The coronavirus that is keeping us all at home started off in animals and then jumped to humans. Scientists say that when it stops spreading in humans it won’t totally disappear. It will still probably be around in animals.

What if the coronavirus gets to an old person who gives it to a 10-year-old. How strong will the virus be in the 10-year-old?

Andy, 10

The exact same virus affects different people in different ways. It can make an older person very sick and hardly get a 10-year-old sick at all. Researchers don’t know why that is yet, but they are working hard to find out.

Can the virus affect any other part of your body besides your lungs?

Edwin, 11

Yes. The virus can also affect your nose and throat, your blood, and maybe your stomach and intestines too. In kids, the virus is most likely to affect your nose and throat.

If you were infected with the virus, you had treatment and recovered. Can the virus return?

Cesar, 10

Doctors say it is unlikely that the coronavirus would make you sick twice, especially if your body does a good job fighting it the first time.

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