FULTON - Several Lanigan Elementary School students and teachers were honored during the first school-wide assembly of the 2019-2020 school year, as they celebrated a variety of accomplishments.

Principal Jeff Hendrickson recognized most of the student body for having met, or exceeded, the school’s attendance expectation of at least 90% throughout the 2018-2019 school year. Heading into the current school year, students who achieve the same attendance goal also will receive special recognition after each marking period.

The celebrations continued when Hendrickson acknowledged several students who were honored by their classroom teachers for “Being Recognized as Great,” and received BRAG awards for their efforts.

After a game was played to introduce the seven new Lanigan staff members, Hendrickson announced the monthly role model awards for those students who have been honored by their classroom teacher because they worked hard at achieving personal goals throughout the month of September. On a Roll certificates were awarded to the following students: Eva-Mae Meeker, Chace Shepard, Aden Lavallee, Trey Lindsley, Tyler Arnold, Halina Cole, Hailey Becker, Isiah Sparks, Adabella Reed, Kobe Ware, Zachery Regan, Marquis Andrews, Malaya Hotchkiss, Isabella Tompkins, Dale Krause, Nisha Adams, Leland Davis, Oliver Clark, Allieson Faulstick, Evan Kimberly, Braedon Hagemnayer, Duncan Ware, Ailish Caster and Trevor Ashcraft.

Additional honorees include students who had shown September’s character education trait of curiosity. Their willingness to know how things work is “all things that go with being a great learner,” Hendrickson said. Curiosity awards were provided to the following students: James Stewart, Grace Gilles, Cloie Everett, Fynley Nye, Brady Kunzwiler, Rowan Backenstross, Montgomery Hahn, Andrew Becker, Zackery Buscemi, Elliott Dumouchel, Ava Stenson, Noah Osborne, Collin Fitzgerald, Connor Draper, James Clark, Elizabeth Saba, Brock Harp, Ava Reis, Michael Best, Toretto Kenny, Anrew Sanders, Cooper Lavallee, Anna Marie Clew, Kenlee Farrands, Carter McLoughlin, Dillon Ferraris, Carson Holland, Gavin Hotchkiss, Emma Seiter, Kelsey Reed, Chloe Tucci, Hunter Holbrook, Kilie Kirkpatrick, Shea Kranze Josslyn Pruzinowski, Dominic Ferrara, Kyler Revoir, Lily Patrick, Audrina Fisk and Brooke Sawyer.

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