Massena raising substitute pay

MASSENA — With the minimum wage rising in December, so are the rates for substitutes in the Massena Central School District.

They’re also raising the rates for home tutors in the hopes of attracting more individuals, Superintendent Patrick Brady said.

“Most of the increases you see in the establishment of substitutes pay are related to the change that’s upcoming in minimum wage,” rising from $11.10 an hour to $11.80 on Dec. 31,” he said during Thursday’s Board of Education meeting. “That does put pressure on certain sub positions.”

However, Mr. Brady said, they’re hoping the increase in rates will attract a larger pool of teacher substitutes.

He said they held a meeting late in the school year and discussed why many schools were seeing a lack of substitutes.

“We talked about a variety of reasons for that. Our pay generally is average or, in many cases, above average in the region. But we felt by raising that a little bit, it could be one piece to help us to attract subs,” he said.

Under the changes approved by the board, pay for maintenance/operations, teacher aides, food service and bus monitors will increase from $11.25 an hour to $12. Rates for clerical substitutes will increase from $12 an hour to $12.75.

Uncertified teacher substitutes will see an increase from $90 a day to $95, while certified/experienced teacher substitutes will see their rates rise from $100 a day to $105.

Pay for uncertified teacher assistant substitutes will increase from $85 a day to $90, and rates for certified teachers subbing as a teacher assistant will increase from $100 a day to $105.

Rates will also increase for substitute nurses — from $85 a day to $90 for licensed practical nurses, and from $100 a day to $105 for registered nurses.

Mr. Brady said rates for home tutors will also increase, from $15 an hour to $17.50.

“We’re also having difficulty getting home tutors as well. We are raising that to $17.50 this year,” he said.

He said if a student needs a tutor for disciplinary reasons, such as out-of-school suspension for a period of time, they try as much as possible to have the student in the high school suspension room or at an after-school program with certified teachers.

“In many cases, that works very well,” Mr. Brady said. “But sometimes, particularly with students who have medical issues, we need to provide tutors. That is a challenge. That’s one reason why we’re increasing that.”

He said they tried a new program called iTutor for one of their students this year.

“It was a big success. I think we’ll try it again. We do get BOCES aid on it,” he said.

According to its website, iTutor is an online tutoring platform that’s accessible to anyone with an internet connection. It’s comprised of educators and administrators from many different walks of life, who work to “individualize and differentiate instruction to make a personalized connection with each student.”

The gist of it

n WHAT: The Massena Central School District is raising its rates for substitutes

n WHY: Part of the reason is because of the increase in minimum wage, which will take effect on Dec. 31

n OTHER REASONS: Superintendent Patrick Brady said he hopes the larger pay rate will allow them to obtain a larger pool of teacher substitutes

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