Massena project set for completion in February

A bus driver maneuvers through the course during the 2015 NYAPT North School Bus Roadeo held at the shared transportation facility in Massena. Fuel dispensers at the facility will be replaced in February as part of a two-phase Massena Central capital outlay project. Bob Beckstead/Watertown Daily Times

MASSENA — A two-phase $100,000 capital outlay project at the transportation facility shared by the Massena Central School District and village of Massena is getting set to wrap up in February.

Edward Bernhauer, an architect with IBI Group, the school district’s architectural firm, said bids that were opened on Dec. 3 came in favorably. The project will replace the fuel dispensers at the shared transportation facility.

“We had good bids. We had two bidders, and the low bidder was Environmental and Fueling Systems,” he said. “As a side note, we were happy to see that they were the low bidder because they were actually consultants in the design phases of the project.”

The company, which is based in Troy, had the low bid of $99,650 to replace two fuel dispensers at the shared transportation facility.

“We’re familiar with this company. We’ve done a number of projects with them before,” Mr. Bernhauer said. “We’re very confident that we should have a good project with this particular contractor.”

He said they anticipate about a week of construction starting on Feb. 13 and wrapping up around Feb. 21.

Work that was done for the initial portion of the project starting last August was to address the infrastructure.

Contractors replaced the under structure of the fuel island and installed temporary tanks to provide fuel for vehicles that belong to the school district and village.

Capital outlay project funding, unlike a full-fledged capital project, is authorized when voters approve the district’s annual budget.

Board of education members budget $100,000 each year for capital outlay projects, smaller maintenance projects that are allowed under state law without waiting for a larger capital project.

The $100,000 that’s allotted for the work must be used within the project’s fiscal year. The project is also eligible for aid.

Previously, district officials used capital outlay project funding to replace four exit corridor doors and six courtyard doors at Massena Central High School.

It was also used to address the removal of asbestos tiling at J.W. Leary Junior High School over a two-year period, and to address work identified by the district’s Facilities Committee in the Central Administration Building.

The district is also in the midst of a $49.6 million capital project that began over the summer and will stretch into the summers of 2021 and 2022. Paperwork for phase two of the project is in a fast track review with the state Education Department.

The project would go out for bids in February under the current timeline.

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