MASSENA — When the Massena Central School Board of Education meets for its annual meeting on Wednesday, three individuals who had been seated at the table won’t have a presence.

Board President Patrick Bronchetti did not seek another term, board member Kristy Baker did not win in her re-election bid in May, and student representative Delany Durant graduated on June 25.

Taking their place will be board members Timothy Hayes and Patricia Murphy. A student representative will be appointed after school reopens in September.

At their final meeting, the departing members received certificates of appreciation and accolades for their service.

Mr. Bronchetti thanked Ms. Durant, noting, “I was always in favor of a student member on the board and you blossomed and made it beyond what I thought it could be. You were fantastic. You participated, asked a lot of questions and brought a lot of information to us. You did an awesome job.”

Superintendent Patrick Brady agreed.

“You brought the student voice here, and that’s what we want from this position is someone who brings the voice of the students here. I know the board was very impressed with it. I was very impressed with it,” he said.

Mr. Bronchetti was attending his last meeting after 10 years on the board.

“I do want to thank you for your 10 years of service to the district,” Mr. Brady said. “If you think back to when you started and all that you’ve seen, you started somewhere around the Great Recession and you’re finishing up in the Great Pandemic. I know you’ve seen some ups and downs in the district. I personally appreciated your steady leadership here and how you supported me, how you supported our administration, staff and always our students. You’re leadership is going to be missed and you’re going to be missed on the board.”

Mr. Bronchetti said 10 years was a “good chunk of time.” He agreed that there had been “a lot of ups and downs, but overall, just to learn all that goes into running the district, how complicated it can be, it’s been rewarding. It’s enriched my life somewhat, just being this little piece of the whole district.”

He said there was pride in celebrating students and their achievements and staff awards and recognition.

“It warms your heart to think about the good things we do here at Massena,” he said.

Mr. Bronchetti thanked past and present board members for their support and willingness to share their time and talents, including during the pandemic. He also commended the district’s leadership for their role over the past year.

“It was a herculean effort to keep this school operating. It was awesome what I’ve seen, and I’ve seen it for 10 years,” he said.

Ms. Baker, who was unable to attend the meeting, also received a certificate of appreciation for her service to the board.

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