Minetto trades Buccaneer blue for gray in May

Minetto Elementary Principal Jennifer Sullivan, left, with fourth-grader Aiyana Lamb, right, during a recent celebration honoring Lamb as she continues to push through challenges related to a brain tumor she has battled.

MINETTO - Minetto Elementary School staff members had gone gray in May to recognize Brain Tumor Awareness Month and to highlight the story of fourth-grader Aiyana Lamb.

Teachers, support staff members and Principal Jennifer Sullivan recently wore gray shirts as a symbol of unity and support for Lamb and her journey. Together, Minetto employees rallied to show Lamb that they have recognized her efforts in school and they encouraged her to keep positive momentum going forward.

“Aiyana comes to school each day with a smile,” Principal Sullivan wrote in a memo to staff. “She bravely shrugs off her illness. Like so many of our students, Aiyana is an example of bravery and a source of inspiration.”

Lamb recently shared part of her journey with a memo of her own to her Minetto family. When she was three years old, doctors found a tennis-ball size tumor on her brain, causing pain on both the left and right sides. Because her right arm and leg was weak, and the tumor caused vision problems, doctors attempted to remove the tumor but could not remove it all. Rounds of chemotherapy then took place, Lamb lost her hair, then watched it grow back. She also began a new regiment of doctors needing a picture of her brain every six months to keep watch on the remaining component of her tumor.

Just before the start of the 2018-2019 school year, those pictures showed her tumor had again begun to grow and is again undergoing chemotherapy. Lamb said she has aimed to celebrate her eventual end of chemotherapy and her birthday with a large party.

Sullivan said while there had been extra support for Lamb throughout the month of May, Minetto is an inclusive school each day as its staff members seek to help students become fully prepared and life ready.

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