National Technical Honor Society honors inductees at CiTi

Pictured are National Technical Honor Society inductees.

MEXICO - Students in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program at the Center for Instruction, Technology and Innovation’s (CiTi) were recently inducted into the National Technical Honor Society in a ceremony at the Mexico campus.

The inductees demonstrated hard work in the classroom as well as showing outstanding character and leadership skills. Students who were recognized with two-year recognition received a medal which will be worn during their respective graduation ceremonies. One-year honorees received an honor cord to be worn at graduation, with all students receiving certificates denoting their accomplishment.

The students inducted are comprised of students from all nine of CiTi’s component districts. This year’s honorees are: Leia Abbott, Damien Allen, Elizabeth Aud*, Owen Ayotte*, Andrew Baker, Kameron Balcom, Jada Ballard, Nicholas Barry*,Taylor Bartle*, Dathan Bennett, Alexander Bohne, Taylor Bonoffski, Trevor Brooks, Nicholas Brown, Monica Cahill, Alekzander Cappelletti, Benjamin Carguello, Alec Caroccio, Gabrielle Carpenter*, Joan Carroll, Jordan Castor, Ashley Clement, Megan Coe, Madison Collins, Kaylee Cooper, Tiaira Copenhaver, Sarah Cory, Kaitlyn Cowan, Ashley Crabtree-Kinney, Dan Creighton, Travis Crosby, Brittany Cross, Abigail Cuyler, Elias Dahar *, Alexander D’Aoust, Levi Darling, Cassandra Davidson*, Aliza Deasy*, Andrew Dedich, Casey DeLapp, Dominick DeMong, Cory Dexter, Tori DeYear, Nelson DiGregorio*, Kathryn Distin, Jillian Dowdle, Tyler Endresz*, Joshua Evans, Anna Farmer*, Taylor Fisher, Abigail Fitzpatrick, Vanessa Flint, Christine Forestiere, Matthew Francis, Mallory Frank, Grace Frasier, Kalli Frey, William Frymoyer II*, Nolan Gardenier, Brianna Gates, Seth Gates*, Erin Gaylord*, Dylan Germain*, Gabrielle Gloude, Houston Gonzalez*, Stephen Gorman*, Ethan Greenfield, Helaina Hale, Mattylin Hamacher*, Alyssa Hamilton, Abigail Hanley, Raiden Hansen, Edward Haskins, Derrick Heath*, Eric Hoefer, David Hull, Connor Hunter, Ivy Jeter, Alexis Johnson, Christian Johnson, Kylie Jones, Lara Kanbur, Chase Kaylor, Kalista Kimball, Lara Kinney, Caleb Kinsey, Jeffrey Klein, Lauren Kline, Willow-Su Knapp, Brittney Koagel*, Alyssa Kurak, Edward Lamb III, Rebecca LaSalle*, Kelly Lizotte, Melina Mandell, Kory Maret, Kacey Markarian, Kyle Marks, Emma McCarthy, Robert McCarthy, Nicholas McCombie, Brayden McGraw, Ryan Merkel, Caleb Miller, Coralynne Milliken, Jessica Miner, William Monica, Maria Moses, Jillian Mueller, Montana Myhill*, Dominic Neiss, Trevor Nemier, Hillary O’Bryan, Dylan Occhino, Nichole Oleyourryk, Steven Onufrak, Aidan Osmun*, Ronald Parody, Yesha Patel, Madison Pepper, Ryan Perkins*, Haven Phillips, Christopher Picciott*, Hannah Picotte*, Erick Ponce, Sarena Pullen, Skylar Raymond,Zachary Roberts*, Joshua Roderick, Alex Rodriguez, Brittney Roser, Kalysha Rourke, Trevor Rousselle, Emily Sampson, Sierra Scott, Kassidee Seeley*, Bella Seymour, Jacob Shatrau, Hannah Shattell, Grace Sheltra, Tanner Sheltra, Cameron Smith, Jacob Smith, David Snell, Ana Snyder, Taylor Sova, Dominick Spano, Shailynn Spohn, Connor Spurling, Kiara Sterling, Charlynne Storrs, Nathan Stuart*, Matthew Taormina, Brook Tennant*, Allen Tennant III*, Lucas Thomas, Reagan Thompson, Nickolas Thorne*, Olivia Thrall*, Jayden Trevett, Anna Tunis, Victoria Tyrrell*, Makenna VanBrocklin, Erin Waloven Madison Watkins, Emily Weaver, Makenzie Wells, Ryan Whitcomb, Mikayla Wilcox, Dylan Woolson, David Worden*, Nevaeh Worley, Kennith Young and Russell Young.

(* denotes second-year NTHS recognition)

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