NNY students on dean’s list at SUNY Canton

The following students from Northern New York were named to the dean’s list for the fall semester at SUNY Canton.


Christian Hardy, game design and development

Justin C. Peebles, sustainable energy technology

Adams Center

Jacob Hess, finance

Carter M. Pooler, sports management


Courtney Allen, criminal investigation

Brasher Falls

Cora Burnett, undeclared

Jordan J. Cartier, health care management

Parker C. Hornung, funeral services administration

Dillon J. McCarthy, law enforcement leadership

Madysen Michaud, liberal arts and sciences: general studies

Paige Monacelli, early childhood care and management

Alexis Ramsdell, applied psychology

Makenzie G. Taylor, criminal investigation


Emily Anderson, liberal arts and sciences: general studies

Emma M. Bortnick, nursing

Amanda L. Commella, accounting

Larecus C. Dobbs, sports management

Dusty M. German-Marino, automotive technology

Mark L. Lepone, criminal investigation

Brandon Lorenc, law enforcement leadership

Alexa Luther, criminal justice

Joseph C. Mack, nursing

Alexie D. Moore, legal studies

Melinda J. Orologio, applied psychology

Michael Perrault, finance

Noah T. Reyes, law enforcement leadership

Genevieve Smith, nursing


Emily S. Koster, nursing

Chase Mills

Gabrielle Durant, nursing


Derek A. Trombley, cybersecurity


Hailey M. Collins, graphic and multimedia design

Logan Reed, electrical engineering technology

Calli J. Thomas, nursing

Lindsey Toms, nursing


Taylor E. Ridsdale, nursing


Taylor R. Moser, nursing


Robert L. Kelley, HVAC trades

Johnathan J. Trathen, criminal justice

Sean Shepard, civil and environmental engineering technology


Camryn Bullock, liberal arts and sciences: general studies

Joshua L. Lashua, funeral services administration

Evans Mills

Jaynne R. Alcock, veterinary technology

Apryl L. Paul, nursing


Eric Thivierge, liberal arts and sciences: general studies


Kayla N. Van Gorder, veterinary technology


Jacob Forsythe, criminal justice

Jordyn Fuller, applied psychology

John C. Holt, emergency management

Amy Horton, veterinary technology

Christian S. Kingsbury, engineering science

Joseph McIntosh, criminal justice

Michaela E. O’Riley, nursing

Michael W. Sears, cybersecurity

Jenna F. Shippee, individual studies

Nathaniel Tomford, legal studies

Johnathan Vanderbogart, criminal justice


Taylor R. Arquitt, homeland security

Elizabeth M. Cutway, nursing

Alyssa R. Fisher, graphic and multimedia design

Brett T. Gleason, criminal investigation

Savannah Rathbun, nursing


Loretta L. Harris, health care management

Roderick Parow, civil and environmental engineering technology

Stacey Rich, individual studies

Helen Smith, nursing

Michael K. Young, construction technology: management


Stacie G. Hale, nursing


Sarah S. Dupree, nursing

Frank Omarah, physical therapist assistant

Makayla Paro, early childhood

Thomas M. Schofell, industrial technology management


Kendall R. Bresett, health care management

Ashley Hunneyman, veterinary science technology


Austin Cadrette, electrical engineering technology

Nathan A. Cota, HVAC trades

Cheali Kench, nursing


Jacob Mayette, criminal investigation

Evan Ruddy, homeland security


Sydney J. Belge, criminal justice

Alexander Boyden, cybersecurity

Samantha Devlin, health care management

Luis F. Estevez-Breton, information technology

Michael A. Francis III, cybersecurity

Zackery D. Goolden, sports management

Brianna J. Hartigan, health care management

Katherine A. Havican, applied psychology

Amy J. Lake, applied psychology

Alyssa C. Laneuville, nursing

Raphael Leblanc, information technology

Rebecca S. Lobdell, nursing

Brandon McPherson, information technology

Aliza K. O’Geen, physical therapist assistant

Candace C. O’Neill, nursing

Kourtney A. Peets, individual studies

Heather Rosenburg, undeclared

Sydney G. Shadle, early childhood care and management

Kala L. Shope, health care management

Jeselyn P. Simpson, nursing

Bhushan T. Takhtani, finance

Alayna Taraska, physical therapist assistant

Baylie M. Trumble, undeclared

Dylan J. Tyo, mechanical engineering technology

Madison Weir, applied psychology

Oren L. White, undeclared

Nicky L. Young, health care management


Dylan T. Aumell, sports management

Hannah Brady, health care management

Jillian L. Breitbeck, applied psychology

Gabrielle R. Torres, early childhood care and management

North Lawrence

Elizabeth A. Arquette, health care management

Laura Jones, individual studies

Stephani J. Sherwood, nursing


Elizabeth A. Azar, veterinary technology

Nichalos A. Burke, physical therapist assistant

Alexis Jackson, applied psychology

Emily Kolanko, liberal arts and sciences: general studies

Hailey R. Lepage, cybersecurity

Hailey J. Scovil, early childhood care and management

Damion Taylor, electrical engineering technology


Jacob Adner, nursing

Kursten Cooke, applied psychology

Jaylene Dawley, individual studies

Erin E. Denner, applied psychology

Sara Denny, individual studies

Andee Farrand, early childhood care and management

Rheanne M. Fortune, legal studies

James A. Gibson, criminal investigation

Bailey Gilmour, health care management

Rachael M. Hamilton, nursing

Bradley C. Hillier, liberal arts and sciences: general studies

Adrien Hyde, health care management

Fadi Karoum, individual studies

Jacob H. Kinney, undeclared

Zachary R. LaFave, game design and development

Katherine Larock, applied psychology

Lucas Larose, computer information systems

Timothy A. Lashomb, mechanical engineering technology

Mollie Lawton, health care management

Caitlin N. Mahoney, undeclared

Gregory S. Mallott, business administration

Chelsea Montroy, applied psychology

Sydney J. Morley, criminal justice

Isabelle Powers, health and fitness promotion

John H. Powers, criminal justice major

Chelsey Raven, nursing

Emily Rayburn, individual studies

Tessa Richardson, nursing

Keegan J. Robinson, legal studies

Julian Rufa, HVAC trades

Wanda M. Snickles, liberal arts and sciences: general studies

Danielle N. St. Denis, nursing

Shannon Szafranski, nursing

Trenton J. Yerdon, management major


Alec Knowles, Esports management

Eric J. Leroux, homeland security


Alison E. Brant, nursing

Devin Crary, homeland security

Peter G. Ermold, criminal investigation

Jessica Gilmour, emergency management

Andrew Johnson, accounting

Taylor L. LaPointe, HVAC trades

Donald E. Lee, nursing major

Harley K. Loran, health care management

Dilshi S. Mallawaarachchi, individual studies

Michael P. Remington, electrical engineering technology

Emily Robar, veterinary technology

Danielle M. Rose, electrical engineering technology

Tanner J. Rosenbarker, electrical engineering technology

Harrison P. Snell, electrical engineering technology

Allison Snyder, liberal arts and sciences: general studies

Koreena M. Waite, nursing


Curtis O. Hitchman, sports


Sara E. Hutton, funeral services administration

Taylor M. Hutton, nursing

Lindsey M. Monica, homeland security

Rensselaer Falls

Krystal Arceneaux, health care management

David W. Hartman, legal studies


Nicholas M. Jenkins, criminal justice


Valaree Hale, applied psychology

Virginia Surdez, veterinary technology

St. Regis Falls

Abigail E. Holmes, veterinary technology

Leah G. Walker, health care management

South Colton

Brandi L. Boyce, veterinary technology


Jessica M. Varin, veterinary technology


Caleb Cisco, business administration

Charles R. Clark III, nursing

Kaylee Whalen, business administration


Diane M. Bolden, nursing

Haydee Bourne, nursing

Alana C. Hatzis, health care management

Nicholas Hoppel-Kobler, information technology

Nathan R. Lafary, game design and development

Jenae A. Martinkovitch, criminal investigation

Marissa M. Massey, funeral services administration

Samuel D. Mathison, law enforcement leadership

Sarah Fay A. Rutherford, nursing

Sean T. Sheridan, physical therapist assistant


Michaelyn J. Hunter, applied psychology

Chase Sweeney, criminal investigation

Cole Sweeney, criminal investigation

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