North country residents on president’s list at SUNY Canton

The following students from Northern New York were named to the president’s list for the fall semester at SUNY Canton.


Morgan S. Burt, nursing

Shelby Roberts, veterinary technology

Cady E. Weller, applied psychology

Adams Center

Megan L. Rice, nursing

Alexandria Bay

Lindsey Bradley, criminal investigation


Sherry M. Harmer, applied psychology

Kaitlyn J. Thorne, early childhood care and management

Brasher Falls

Jacob A. Dutch, engineering science

Benjamin R. Horner, criminal justice

Ansen C. Weegar, electrical engineering technology

Rebecca A. Wiley, nursing

Eric M. Wiley, nursing


Shauna L. Parkinson, criminal investigation


Christina M. Adams, graphic and multimedia design

Bailee Bessette, nursing

Hope Bishop-Myers, liberal arts and sciences: general studies

Jonah R. Black, forensic criminology

Kelly E. Cougler, criminal investigation

Ashley E. Dixon, nursing

Rebecca J. Driggers, health care management

Zachary T. Frank, law enforcement leadership

Kristine A. Furgison, legal studies

Mackenzie E. Harris, early childhood care and management

Joseph D. Mastro, criminal investigation

Bailey Murray-Vierich, individual studies

Jonathan C. Oakes, game design and development

Enya T. Patterson, funeral services administration

Madison P. Skopeck, veterinary technology

Emiley M. Thacker, management

Ian F. Tuthill, HVAC trades

Angelina Vecchio, health care management

Peter A. Xanthaky, electrical engineering technology


Joseph Johnston, liberal arts and sciences: general studies

Lindsay McCarty, applied psychology

Madison L. Wilson, nursing

Chase Mills

Patrick J. Dubuque, agribusiness management

Bryan O’Hearon, mechanical engineering technology


Eric H. Alan, nursing

Andrea Bonno, nursing

Rebecca M. MacDougall, physical therapist assistant

Lauren Premo, nursing


Liza R. Kampnich, nursing

DeKalb Junction

Francis L. Anson, HVAC trades

Zach A. Denesha, sports management

Mykailia-Leigh Fletcher, individual studies major


Collin Trathen, mechatronics technology


Erin M. Jones, funeral services administration

Sarah E. Wallace, nursing


Jessey E. Gates, nursing

Fort Drum

Danielle Grimsey, physical therapist assistant


Conagher Buckmaster, engineering science

Melissa A. Cruz, applied psychology

Keegan T. Fawcett, health and fitness promotion

Lauren Frank, health care management

Jennifer L. Hay, applied psychology

Timothy P. Hillanbrand, undeclared

Ashley M. Kelsey, legal studies

Joseph Love, construction technology: management

Emily R. McGregor, early childhood care and management

Josh D. Miller, computer information systems

Antoinette E. Moon, health care management

Quincie Parker, applied psychology

Ty Reed, criminal justice

Daniel S. Whitton, mechatronics technology


Chassidy Newvine, management


Adriania C. Fanelli, nursing

Hannawa Falls

Cole Murray, construction technology: management


Rachel E. Bango, individual studies


Jade Coffey, criminal investigation

Halle Coffey, nursing

Leeann M. Gotham, accounting

Kate Rowe, health care management


Katie M. Palmer, nursing

Andrew Woodard, civil and environmental engineering technology

Megan Woodard, finance


Kenneth Timerman, mechanical engineering technology


Nicole L. Bonno, nursing

Joshua E. Godbout, mechanical engineering technology

Jillian R. O’Brien, nursing

Donica M. Robinson, early childhood care and management

Nathan R. Spooner, mechanical engineering technology


George R. Cornell, electrical engineering technology

Dillan Domagala, homeland security

Gina S. Garito, health care management

McKenna P. Mahoney, nursing


Mia Brown, nursing

Teresa A. Burnor, criminal investigation

Hannah M. Grant, information technology

Brennan S. Harmer, sports management

William Murphy, individual studies


Amber L. Delosh-Niles, nursing

Megan C. Eddy, nursing

Ian M. Frederick, nursing

Alexis Gondosch, applied psychology

Jessica C. Goodfellow, health care management

Jocelyn R. Gotham, applied psychology

Sara J. LaDuke, health care management

Kamren LeBire, accounting

Patrick M. Obrien, emergency management

Marcella J. Perry, nursing

Diane M. Shearer, health care management

Abigail R. Shearer, finance

Christopher Shearer, nursing

Breanna M. Taraska, nursing

Emily Witkop, nursing

Carlena E. Wright, undeclared


Logan M. Green, legal studies


Madison P. Austin, early childhood care and management


Cole Currier, graphic and multimedia design

Fisnik Hadzovic, accounting

North Lawrence

Noah A. Felix, physical therapist assistant


Jordan W. Burnett, criminal justice

Ethan G. Cragg, liberal arts and sciences: general studies

Michael Lashomb, sports management


Shannon M. Abar, health care management

Eric Anson, applied psychology

Courtney E. Baker, nursing

Mark Barr, automotive technology

Bailey A. Benware, nursing

Cortney L. Brunet, health care management

Christina Y. Bush, health care management

Jessie Gagnon, individual studies major

Keeley Grizzuto, accounting

Breanna M. Hacia, physical therapist assistant

Michael J. Hazen-Courson, applied psychology

Nicole Holmes, applied psychology

Heather L. Howe, forensic criminology

Mary E. Johnson, nursing

Jad M. Karroum, undeclared

Jayden Kench, information technology

Brogan P. LaRose, sports management

Ruthanne M. Middlemiss, nursing

Brandon Montroy, homeland security

Shane Moyer, industrial technology management

Dana Olmstead, veterinary technology

Livia R. Shaver, applied psychology

Jordan J. Snyder, criminal investigation

Jackson R. Troiano, nursing

Harrison P. Wert, sports management

Fayeanne West, nursing

Heather L. Worden, health care management

Callee L. Zulauf, health and fitness promotion


Brian Knowles, technological communications


Abigail P. Culbertson, criminal investigation

Jesse L. Otto, mechanical engineering technology


Brooke E. Ayers, criminal investigation

Shelbie E. Baldwin, finance

Charlotte Baldwin, graphic and multimedia design

John J. Frick, game design and development

Stormi C. Gardner, legal studies

Alexis J. Hervin, game design and development

Kiona S. Loran, nursing

John D. Meyers, criminal investigation

Kattie B. Nanticoke, nursing

Nevaeh E. Rhodes-Phillips, criminal investigation

Olivia Scott, liberal arts and sciences: general studies

Marissa Wood, liberal arts and sciences: general studies

Brenna R. Woods, physical therapist assistant

Erwin E. Zahler, emergency management


Kyle S. Chen, game design and development

Rensselaer Falls

Jeffrey Dollinger, finance

Darcel Downing, graphic and multimedia design

Cayden Emerson, engineering science

Savona O’Brien, nursing


Ryan J. Besaw, sports management

Emily Burgess, nursing


Cheryl L. Perkins, nursing


Kambree L. White, finance

St. Regis Falls

Calista J. Fraser, mechatronics technology

Danny Lucey, electrical engineering technology

Star Lake

Adam A. Szlamczynski, liberal arts and sciences: general studies


Ethan I. Gonzalez, applied psychology

Audrey M. Martin, applied psychology

Brittany Pierce, management

Hannah Shippee, veterinary science technology


Kyle Field, homeland security

Carmen Hall, nursing


Chase Alexander, emergency management

Brendan Arthur, electrical engineering technology

Joel Carbone, cybersecurity

Trevor Christopher, health and fitness promotion

Eric S. Coe, information technology major

Keyan L. Deom, automotive technology

Paula C. Lugo, graphic and multimedia design

Angel Medina, health care management

Jonathan Monnat, mechanical engineering technology

Asajile S. Mwaipyana, nursing

Teresa Padron, applied psychology

Leslie A. Perri, criminal investigation

Jesica Stroud, nursing

West Stockholm

Dylan T. Bradley, information technology major


Joshua F. D’Souza, information technology

Emily Deshane, undeclared Major

Erik D. Hull, electrical engineering technology

Grace E. Lyon, veterinary technology

Chad N. Mason Jr., criminal justice

Hannah E. White, applied psychology

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