Clarkson University’s commencement ceremony will be held Saturday. Photo courtesy of Clarkson University

NNY students graduate from Clarkson University

Bachelor’s Degree

Alexandria Bay

Colby D. Herrington, biomolecular science


Alexander Joseph Jackson, mechanical engineering

Brasher Falls

Jacob Allen Dutch, engineering and management


Kyle Robert Nichols, environmental engineering


Blake Edward Bennett, global supply chain management

Micheal Vittorio Caracciolo, computer engineering

Matthew K. Rosser, aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering

Abrinel Marie Seeger, psychology

Antonio Pasquale Vecchio, global supply chain management


Wyatt Christian Mullin, electrical engineering

Hannah Beth Orton, mechanical engineering


Riley Keith Leary, global supply chain management


Emily Elizabeth Locke, biomolecular science; honors program


Emily J. Trudeau, Civil Engineering


Thomas Mike Ventiquattro, mechanical engineering

Felts Mills

Jocelyn R. Bura, biology


Conagher Dawson Buckmaster, mechanical engineering

Nathan David Sitts, computer engineering

Hannawa Falls

Morgan David Busch, computer science and mathematics

Elijah Francis Schechter, psychology and political science


Marcy Adams, interdisciplinary liberal studies

Garrett Austin Willard, chemical engineering


Chrissy Benedict, psychology


Emma Elizabeth Timerman, engineering and management


Andrew James Kirkwood, electrical engineering

Skylar Rose Schmitt, biology

Javien Marcel Spence, bachelor of professional studies

Alex Patrick Thomas, civil engineering


Cameron James Frost, aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering

Carter Joseph Peets, software engineering

Hannah O. Wilson, communication, media and design


Hannah Marie Beebie, biology

North Bangor

Alexandria Corrine Beachy, psychology


Blake E Richards, civil engineering and environmental engineering

Cory Michael Rowsam, communication, media and design


Hailee Caroline Farrand, psychology

Nolan M. Grizzuto, mechanical engineering

Cooper N. Hunter, psychology

Nicholas Paul LaCombe, financial information and analysis

Alexa Angeline McKee, biology; honors program

Sarah Elizabeth Nichols, psychology

Jordyn Elizabeth Sweeney, psychology


Alec Steven Hayes, innovation and entrepreneurship

Madison Lillian Yette, psychology


Ali Abedi, mechanical engineering

Seth D. Anderson, civil engineering

Noah G Bohl, environmental science and policy

Brett Carey, aerospace engineering

Cole Robert Caruso, computer engineering

Andrew Phillip Caruso, computer engineering

Anayelly Juarez, biology

Juliette Alvera LaRock, innovation and entrepreneurship

William Lin, global supply chain management

Patrick Harper Maciel, communication, media and design

Benjamin Molloy, computer science

Eleanor Marie Olsen, biology

Cameron Michael Palmer, computer engineering; honors program

Kaleb C. Rathbun, mechanical engineering

Cassandra N. Rogers, interdisciplinary social sciences

Romano Sergi, financial information and analysis

Maya Walker, electrical engineering

Daniel F. Wellings, communication, media and design

Abigail Elizabeth Wolfe, aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering


Blake Joseph Hunter, biology

Rensselaer Falls

Cayden Kyle Emerson, chemical engineering

Saranac Lake

Anna Noelle Ellithorpe, innovation and entrepreneurship

Stephen R. Huyck, environmental science and policy

Tupper Lake

Elliott John Fletcher, civil engineering

Kiley Joseph Stradley, biology


Maria E Allen, biology

Richard George Pandel, financial information and analysis and global supply chain management


Vy T. Huynh, aerospace engineering

Merrick F Taraska, master of business administration


Maria Gabrielle Pelusi, environmental science and engineering


Keri L. Allen, healthcare management

William Joseph Bergan, master of business administration

Michele Riccardo Cavalli, physician assistant studies

Alex J. Galloway, physician assistant studies

Thomas Russell Hobbs, master of business administration

Matthew Michael Koscak, electrical engineering

Evan Andrew Laing, mechanical engineering

Vaughn Miller, physician assistant studies

Rebecca Joyce Skoric Barringer, physician assistant studies

Mick Takeshi Kimura York, physician assistant studies

Saranac Lake

Phillip J. Buck, mechanical engineering


Drew Safford, mechanical angineering

Doctor of Physical Therapy


Paige Alexis Weston


Eman Khalid Alanazi

Kendra Nicole Gilbert

Madison Howard


DeKalb Junction

Morgan Kathleen Prochaska, basic science and interdisciplinary bioscience and biotechnology


Erik Carl Backus, engineering science

Daniel Terrence Fuller, mathematics

Lukas Alan Reynolds, mathematics

Kalani Kithuliya Rubasinghe Kattadige, mathematics

Arielle Lynn Santefort, chemistry

David Ryan Santefort, physics

Weichen Xie, mathematics

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