WATERTOWN — Voters in all north country school districts that completed 2020-21 budget vote tallies Tuesday approved spending plans for their districts.

Watertown reported results at 2:09 a.m. Superintendent Patricia LaBarr, in an email, stated taxpayers in Watertown approved the school budget, 2,749 to 808.

The COVID-19 pandemic canceled in-person voting for school budgets this year, resulting in all voting being done via mail-in ballots. Ballot counting began at 5 p.m. Tuesday, with districts given up to 24 hours to complete the counts.

Many school districts reported a higher-than-normal turnout for this year’s budget vote and school board elections. Superintendent LaBarr said that over the last four years, the Watertown district averaged just over 500 voters a year. This year, the district received 3,640 ballots by mail.

In Massena, a vote over future funding for the Massena Public Library failed, with 1,640 residents voting against the measure to 892 in favor. Library officials had asked voters in the towns of Massena and Louisville and portions of Brasher and Norfolk who live within the Massena Central School District’s boundaries to allow them to transition from a municipal library to a school district library.

Had voters said yes, the library would no longer have been fully funded by the town of Massena, but by residents in the towns of Massena and Louisville and portions of Brasher and Norfolk who live in the school district.


Coryne Gorri, election inspector for the Jefferson County Board of Elections, opens mailed-in paper ballots by hand Tuesday evening at the Watertown City School District offices. All voting for the 2020-21 school board elections were done via absentee ballot this year. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times

Voting results include:


Canton: Budget $31,032,033; yes 1,369, no 360

Three seats, each with three-year terms are on this year’s ballot

Patrick Hanss; 1,276

Danny Thomas; 1,288

Write-in Christine Martin; 464

Bus resolution; yes 1,325, no 398

Library proposition; yes 1,307, no 416

Clifton-Fine: Budget $11,266,612; yes 311, no 199

One open seat with three-year term

Douglas Yeo; 88

Russell Blackstone; 208

Colton-Pierrepont: Budget $10,920,370; yes 445, no 136

Two vacancies, with the highest vote-getter serving a four-year term and the second highest a three-year term

Sarah Hartmans; 483

Tracy Hoose; 521

Repair reserve funding; yes 469, no 109

Edwards-Knox: Budget $15,999,299; yes 487, no 102

Two seats available, one for five years and one for one year

Ashley LaPoint; 390

Jennifer White; 374

Lynn Coller; 302

Bus resolution; yes 475, no 115

Gouverneur: Budget $37,550,000; yes 706, no 333

Four seats, three are for full terms of three years and one is for a partial term starting on June 10 and ending on June 30, 2022

Todd E. Bates; 673

Brooke Bush; 734

David Fenlong; 820

Naaman Lowry; 660

Roland Roderick; 590

Student on school board resolution; yes 913, no 333

Capital reserve fund resolution; yes 755, no 278

Hammond: Budget $8,747,389; yes 272, no 121

One seat with a five-year term

Allen Howie; 235

Viviana Wilmot; 142

Library proposition; yes 261, no 121

Hermon-DeKalb: Budget $$11,269,040; yes 293, no 60

Three seats, two for five-year term, one for a two-year term

Heather Coller; 280

Jordan Deleel; 237

Jaclyn TeRiele; 243

Bus resolution; yes 290, no 63

Heuvelton: Budget $14,868,219; yes 352, no 115

No candidates applied to fill one open seat, which carries a five-year term

Write-in Michelle McGaw; 142

Lisbon: Budget $15,021,769; yes 473, no 241

There is one vacancy with a five-year term

Andrea Randle; 599

Capital project; yes 415, no 300

Bus resolution; yes 413, no 241

Madrid-Waddington: Budget $17,396,688; yes 622, no 210

Two seats

Ryan Hayes; 729

Christopher Pryce; 694

Bus resolution; yes 631, no 202

Capital project; yes 681, no 157

Massena: Budget $56,665,033; yes 1,573, no 917

Three seats, two five-year terms and one one-year term

Kristy A. Baker; 956

Jodele Hammock; 1,066

Kayla Lalonde; N/a

Keri Lucey; N/a

Lloyd St. Louis; N/a

Daniel Tusa; N/a

Robert LeBlanc; 1,120

Student ex officio; yes 1,937, no 554

Massena Public Library; yes 892, no 1,640

Morristown: Budget $11,015,458; yes 397, no 179

Two seats, one three-year term, second ends on June 30, 2022

Mark Blanchard; 232

Lisa Newby; 259

Ruth-Anne Barkley; 238

Philip Barse; 196

Pollyanne Demick; 209

Library proposition; yes 368, no 211

Norwood-Norfolk: Budget $24,574,114; yes 673, no 212

Four seats, three of the seats are for three-year terms and one seat is for a one-year term. The top three finishers claim three-year seats; the fourth finisher takes a one-year seat

Robert Barlow; 507

Marela Fiacco; 646

Jonathan Hunkins; 642

Amy Lacroix; 529

Richelle Reid; N/a

Bus resolution; yes 659, no 239

Ogdensburg: Budget $47,200,000; yes 1,194, no 706

Two open seats

James Bell; 324

Reneé Grizzuto; 517

Arlene Kiah; 356

James Lafave; 374

James McCarthy; 345

David Rufa; 344

Connor Sutton; 680

Elizabeth Testani; 755

Parishville-Hopkinton: Budget $12,136,504; yes 495, no 205

Two seats

Janine Sullivan; 533

Geri Lynn Wilson; N/a

Thomas Morrison; 384

Bus resolution; yes 516, no 185

Potsdam: Budget $34,985,741; yes 1,252, no 465

Three seats

George Biffer; 879

Robert A. Brothers Jr.; 966

Christopher C. Cowen; 932

Keith Sapp; 1,069

Lynzie Schulte; 843

Bus resolution; yes 1,518, no 430

St. Lawrence Central: Budget $24,008,913; yes 715, no 188

Two seats

Seth Belt; 737

Sarah Ashley; 772

Bus resolution; yes 700, no 214


Election inspectors with the Jefferson County Board of Elections open mailed-in paper ballots by hand Tuesday evening at the Watertown City School District offices. All voting for the 2020-21 school board elections were done via absentee ballot this year. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times


Alexandria: Budget $13,939,687; yes 668, no 166

Three three-year seats

Betty Compeau; 734

Christine Lingenfelter; 694

James VanCour; 694

Bus proposition; yes 658, no 176

Belleville Henderson: Budget $10,989,021; yes 591, no 224

One five-year seat

Adam J. Miner; 711

Carthage: Budget $64,535,873; yes 1,458, no 234

Three seats

Erin Boshart; 1,303

Joseph Colangelo; 1,002

Tod Nash; 1,011

Jonathan Schell; 1,151

The proposition authorizing the collection of $135,000 for the Carthage Free Library and $96,500 for the Sally Ploof Hunter Memorial Library was approved; yes 1,345, no 350

General Brown: Budget $24,334,794; yes 1,237, no 633

Two three-year seats

Natalie Hurley; 949

Scott Lytle; 1,000

Albert Romano Jr.; 782

Kimberly Shuler; 778

Bus proposition; yes 1310, no 483

Indian River: Budget $89,844,680; yes 759, no 126

Two seats

William Backus; 650

Robin Johnson; 749

LaFargeville: Budget $12,030,084; yes 478, no 88

One five-year seat

Matthew Duffany; 522

Bus proposition; yes 457, no 93

Lyme: Budget $8,661,976; yes 438, no 189

One seat

Jon LaFontaine; 474

Library proposition; yes 452, no 176

Sackets Harbor: Budget $9,130,517; yes 425, no 151

One five-year seat

Angela Green; 512

Library proposition; yes 354, no 220

Bus proposition; yes 420, no 156

South Jefferson: Budget $36,972,338; yes 1,216, no 560

Two five-year seats

Kenneth Bibbins; 1297

James Juczak; 1240

Pamela Thomas; 1353

Stephanie Widrick; 1242

Bus proposition; yes 1245, no 632

Thousand Islands: Budget $23,357,642; yes 426, no 58

Three three-year seats

Erin Churchill; 425

Sarah Riddoch; 414

Timothy Wiley; 410

Bus proposition: yes 387, no 94

Library proposition; yes 353, no 129

Watertown: Budget $77,006,009; yes 2,749, no 808

Two seats

Lorie L. Converse; 1,061

Jason B. Harrington; 2,519

Maria T. Mesires; 2,321

Milly C. Smith; 993

Flower Memorial Library proposition; yes 2,622, no 906

School districts experience surprising uptick in budget votes

Mailed-in paper ballots sit in boxes, waiting to be opened Tuesday evening at the Watertown City School District offices. All voting for the 2020-21 school board elections was done via absentee ballot this year. Sydney Schaefer/Watertown Daily Times


Beaver River: Budget $17,585,015; yes 772, no 435

One seat

Zechariah Zehr; 996

Bus proposition; yes 774, no 462

Capital Reserve Fund proposition; yes 808, no 397

Copenhagen: Budget $11,207,621; yes 238, no 63

One seat

Gabrielle Thompson; 268

Head Start transportation proposition; yes 287, no 15

Capital Reserve Fund proposition; yes 236, no 65

Harrisville: Budget $10,944,197; yes 326, no 95

One seat with a five-year term

Jan Mosher; 326

Bus proposition; yes 302, no 119

Lowville: Budget $27,689,526; yes 1,139, no 321

Three seats

Rebecca Kelly; 1,285

Thomas Schneeberger; 1,241

Michael Young; 1,197

Bus proposition; yes 1,080, no 383

Head Start transportation proposition; yes 1,296, no 167

Capital Reserve Fun proposition; yes 1,199, no 253

South Lewis: Budget $26,453,524; yes 792, no 475

Two seats

Paul Campbell; 644

Joshua Leviker; 397

Jean Lieber; 252

Nancy Szewczyk-Davoy; 422

Richard Ventura; 665

Bus proposition; yes 784, no 488

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