NORFOLK — Voters in the Norwood-Norfolk Central School District will head to the polls on Tuesday to vote on a proposed $9.1 million capital project that will have no impact on local taxpayers.

“We have a little over $1 million in a reserve that was established three or four years ago just for future projects. That, in addition to the state giving us 98 percent aid on this project, means we will have no negative impact. They amply supply the capital reserve funds that they have for school districts to access. That’s because they have over 700 school districts with thousands of buildings and they need them to stay in good working order,” Superintendent James Cruikshank said.

The proposed project will address items that are either near failure or at end of life, as identified by the March Associates, the district’s architectural firm.

“We’ve broken out this project really into four areas — safety and security, building system upgrades, finish upgrades, and building and energy efficiencies,” he said.

Mr. Cruikshank said 30 percent of the total project will address safety and security. That includes work in the front parking lot to improve vehicle circulation and bus drop-offs. They also plan to increase security at their entrances to make students and adults safer, and install some additional fencing.

Another 22 percent of the project will address building system upgrades. Among the work will be upgrades to the fire alarm system, which he said is still operating, but getting near the end of life with maintenance contracts and technical support. District officials also plan to upgrade the heating and exhaust system to provide ventilation to areas that need it, such as the basement and some interior offices.

A small portion of the work, 8 percent, will involve finishing upgrades. Mr. Cruikshank said the district worked on its auditorium stage lighting and sound during the last project. But now they’ll address seats that are original to the building, as well as upgrade the house lighting. That will finish the auditorium’s needs, he said.

Work will also be done in the large gymnasium, which was completed in 1995. The padding at the end of the gym needs to be replaced, and the floor needs to be sanded down and repainted.

There will also be work on flooring and entry ways, as well as ceiling upgrades to replace tiles that will be damaged during installation of the fire alarm system.

The largest part of the capital project will address building and energy efficiencies. They’re looking at replacing aged sidewalks that are tripping hazards.

Some windows need to be placed, and interior and exterior lighting will be changed to LED lighting. In addition, classroom sinks will be replaced, as will water coolers in the hallway. That portion of the project will also address overhead doors at the bus garage that no longer accommodate the larger buses.

“This is a series of many projects. They’re all interconnected. They range from $3,000 to almost $2 million,” Mr. Cruikshank said.

The capital project vote is scheduled for 12:30 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Board of Education Room. If the project is approved, he said the goal is to start work next summer.

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