OCSD student artwork displayed throughout the city

Oswego City School District art teachers, in back, were on hand during the My Hometown Project reception, recently held at Breitbeck Park, to honor all OCSD students whose artwork was chosen for banner displays throughout the city.

OSWEGO - The artistic achievement of several Oswego City School District (OCSD) students will be on display throughout the city of Oswego, thanks to a collaborative effort to showcase visual art.

The annual “My Hometown Project,” a partnership among OCSD, the city of Oswego and SUNY Oswego, has featured artwork from OCSD students across all grade levels in both banners around city streets and in an exhibition at SUNY Oswego’s Tyler Art Gallery. During a recent project reception, held at Breitbeck Park, city of Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow called the project inspirational and encouraged all participating students to continue creating art.

Mayor Barlow referred to the project as a good example of community collaboration. Project coordinator Cynthia Clabough, a SUNY Oswego art professor, concurred, and expressed gratitude for the Richard S. Shineman Foundation for supporting the project. She also said it has served as an additional method to showcase the vibrancy of the public-school system.

“The art teachers in Oswego are really, really, really good at their jobs,” she said. “The level of work really is quite there.”

Art teachers and representatives from each of OCSD’s local elementary schools, middle school and high school also presented a certificate of achievement to each student whose artwork was selected for a banner this spring.

Banners with student artwork are displayed near Breitbeck Park along Lake Street, on Lake Street between West First and Second streets, near City Hall at the corner of West Oneida and West First streets and Cayuga Street at the corner of East First street.

OCSD student artwork in exhibition at SUNY Oswego will be under consideration for next year’s My Hometown Project banner displays.

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