OCSD to implement COVID testing protocols per state requirements

OSWEGO - The Oswego City School District (OCSD) is launching a multipronged COVID testing program to meet recently enacted state Department of Health regulations.

“This guidance asserts that all schools must have capacity to offer unvaccinated staff and students screening testing at least once a week, and that they have the capacity to either provide diagnostic testing or refer any student or staff member who is symptomatic, or has been exposed to someone infected with COVID-19 to an outside agency,” said OCSD Superintendent Dr. Mathis Calvin III.

As part of the testing program, the district will offer in-house weekly screening tests of asymptomatic, unvaccinated individuals. Parents will receive a notice through Parentsquare about daily screening testing that will occur in all schools throughout each week on a specified day.

“Any parent who would like to register their child for testing must complete an online registration indicating that they want their unvaccinated child tested,” Dr. Calvin said. “Please note, no child will be tested without parental permission.”

Diagnostic testing of symptomatic individuals will be conducted off-site, in partnership with the Oswego County Department of Health. Off-site testing is offered at the Pulaski Urgent Care, 3858 State Route 13, Pulaski, or through their mobile unit. Appointments for students may be made through their school nurse.

“As the district moves forward with our new testing programs, please know that we will continue to reach out to our community with updates,” Dr. Calvin said. “Thank you in advance for your time and patience as we implement these new programs. If you have any questions about screening or diagnostic testing, please contact the district’s COVID-19 hotline directly at 315-341-2050.”

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